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This function includes:

• The promotion of equitable access to necessary health services for all citizens.
• The development of actions geared toward overcoming access barriers to public health interventions and toward linking vulnerable groups to health services.
• The monitoring and evaluation of access to necessary public and private health services, adopting a multisectoral, multitechnical and multicultural approach in conjunction with various agencies and institutions to resolve the injustices and inequalities in the utilization of services.
• The close collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote equitable access to necessary health services.


1. Evaluation of access to necessary health services.
2. Knowledge, skills, and mechanisms to bring the population closer to necessary health services.
3. Promotion of support and actions to improve access to necessary health services.
4. Advisory services and technical support for sub-national public health agencies in promoting equitable access to health services.ç

EPHF 7: Regional Measurement Results

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