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This function includes:

• The identification of human resource profiles in public health that are adequate to the provision of public health services.
• The education, training, and evaluation of public health personnel in order to identify public health services needs, effectively face pressing public health issues, and adequately evaluate actions in these matters.
• The definition of accreditation requirements for general health professionals and the adoption of continuous quality improvement programs for public health services.
• The construction of active partnerships with professional development programs that expose participants to relevant experiences in public health, as well as continuing human resources education for management and leadership development in the area of public health.
• The development of capacities for interdisciplinary and multicultural work in public health.
• Ethical training for public health personnel, with special attention to the values of solidarity, equality, and respect for the human dignity.


1. Characterization of the public health work force.
2. Improvement of the workforce quality.
3. Continuing public health education through training and postgraduate programs.
4. Improvement of human resources to focus on the delivery of socially and culturally appropriate services for the public.
5. Advisory services and technical support for the sub-national entities in human resources development.

Results EPHF 8: Human resources development and training in public health

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