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This function includes:

• Promoting the implementation and quality improvement of evaluation systems.
• Promoting the development of standards on the basic characteristics of quality assurance and improvement systems, as well as monitoring providers for compliance with these standards.
• The definition, explanation, and guarantee of the user rights.
• An evaluation system for health technologies that can assist in the health system decision making process and that contributes to improving the quality of the health system as a whole.
• The utilization of scientific methods to evaluate health interventions of various degrees of complexity.
• The implementation of systems to evaluate user satisfaction, and the use of these assessments to improve the quality of health services.


1. Definition of the standards and evaluation for the quality improvement of individual and collective health services.
2. Improvement of user satisfaction with health services.
3. System of technological management and assessment of health technologies to support decision-making in public health.
4. Advisory services and technical support for the sub-national health entities in order to ensure quality of services.

Results EPHF 9: Quality assurance in personal and population-based health services

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