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This health sector analysis is comprised of a critical review of the components of the health sector. The objective is to reveal the elements required to improve the current social, economic and technological events and the population’s demands for accessible and quality health services. The framework of this analysis stems from the principle that health is a fundamental public good and, as a result, vital to achieve sustainable human development.

In the health sector, these joint efforts must be governed by principles of universality, equity, solidarity, and quality of services. With the aim of introducing possible improvements into the health system, one of the objectives of the sector analysis is to deepen and expose those aspects of the health system that have experienced relevant deficiencies. Finally, the Costa Rica health sector analysis is an important step to formulate evidence-based health policy and public health objectives aimed at reducing inequities in health.

 Análisis del Sector Salud Costa Rica - Sección 1 (Ministerio de Salud de Costa Rica con la cooperación técnica de OPS/OMS, San José, 2002 - Available only in Spanish)

 Análisis del Sector Salud Costa Rica - Sección 2 ( 2002, Available only in Spanish)

 Análisis del Sector Salud Costa Rica - Sección 3 (2002, Available only in Spanish)

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