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In light of the current country situation, the Health Sector Analysis document is used to sustain the reorientation of the sector and as a basis for international cooperation in health. As part of the preparation for the Health Sector Analysis, a group of experts were trained, divided into subgroups and given specific subjects to develop. The participants represent a set of various institutions and scientific disciplines, which provides for the necessary interdisciplinary and inter-institutional character of the analysis.

The Health Sector Analysis document is structured in chapters that successively present the theoretical framework of the current reform process. A discussion of the theoretical framework is followed by a description of the political, economic and social environment; demographic and epidemiological situation analysis; approaches to promotion and prevention, sanitary regulations; institutional framework; human and technological resources; financing and expenditures of the sector; health services; scientific and technical development; traditional and natural medicine and international cooperation.

 Análisis del Sector Salud Cuba - Sección 1 (Ministerio de Salud Pública con la colaboración de la OPS/OMS, Ciudad de la Habana, Abril de 1996 - Available in Spanish only)

 Análisis del Sector Salud Cuba - Sección 2  (1996. Available only in Spanish)

 Análisis del Sector Salud Cuba - Sección 3  (1996. Available only in Spanish)

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