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The goal of the health reform, which is explicitly stated in the latest national health policy and in other documents is to improve, in a sustainable fashion, the health of the population by adopting an approach that favors equity, efficiency and citizen participation. These three goals, which are a common denominator in all of the reforms that have been implemented in Haiti, seek to provide an adequate response to the current health situation characterized by high rates of morbidity and mortality, and by limited access to and low quality of health services.

To reach its equity objective, the proposed reform strategy will guarantee access for the entire Haitian population to a minimum package of services (or PMS in French); which will be offered at the district level (Health Community Units or UCS in French). The package seeks to provide a range of essential health care services with emphasis on prevention and promotion; universally accessible to all individuals and their families.

Analyse du Secteur de la Santé pour la Réforme   (Available only in French)


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