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Managua, Nicaragua
August 6 to September 13, 2007

Course Documents

- Course Description

- Agenda

First Module: Right to Health, Equity and Dynamics of Health Systems Change

- Health Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: Political and Economic Context and an Analytical Proposal
Eduardo Levcovitz, Jefe, Unidad de Políticas y Sistemas de Salud, OPS/OMS, Washington, D.C.

- Conceptual and Analytical Framework for the Measurement and Characterization of Exclusion in Health
Dra. María Cecilia Acuña, OPS/OMS, Washington, D.C.

- Health Systems and Migration
Mercedes Borrero, Consultor UNFPA

- Ethnic and Generational Inequities
Dra. Nadine Gasman, Representante UNFPA Guatemala

- Marginalization in Nicaragua, 1995-2005
José Luis Ávila, Consultor UNFPA, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

- Citizenship and the Right to Health
Ana Güezmes, Asesora en Advocacy, Equipo de Apoyo Técnico, UNFPA, México

- Processes of Change and Challenges to Health Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean
Eduardo Levcovitz, Jefe, Unidad de Políticas y Sistemas de Salud, OPS/OMS, Washington, D.C.

Second Module: Critical Issues in Health Systems Performance and Response Strategies

- Health Systems Performance Evaluation
José Ruales, Asesor Regional en Sistemas de Salud, OPS/OMS, Washington, D.C.

- Demographic and Epidemiological Aspects: Analysis of Infant and Maternal Mortality
Dr. Medea Morales

- Maternal and Perinatal Mortality: Evidence-Based Interventions
Dr. Leonardo Contreras

- Health Systems Response Capacity to Reduce Maternal Mortality
Dr. Alejandro Solis, Director General de Planificación y Desarrollo, MINSA

- Analysis of Personnel Allocation in Health Establishments: A Theoretical/Methodological Approximation
Dr. Carlos Rosales, Asesor Regional de Recursos Humanos en Salud HSS/HR- OPS/OMS

- Production, Commercialization, Distribution and Access to Medicines
Dr. Douglas Quintero Aragón

Third Module: Policy Options to Strengthen Health Systems Response Capacity

- Health Policy and Financing
Dr. Ernesto Pablo Báscolo, Instituto J. Lazarte

- The Renewed Primary Health Care
Álvaro Salas Chaves, UCR/CCSS

- Integrated Health Delivery Systems
Dr. Reynaldo Holder, Asesor Regional Hospitales y Sistemas Integrados de Servicios de Salud, OPS/OMS, Washington, D.C.

- Governance and Steering of the Health Sector
Eduardo Levcovitz, Jefe, Unidad de Políticas y Sistemas de Salud, OPS/OMS, Washington, D.C.

- Towards the Consolidation of a Health System in Peru
Pilar Mazzetti Soler, Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Neurológicas, Perú

- Corruption
Sten Ström, Sida/Asdi Embassy of Sweden, Managua

- The Sectoral Approach in Health: the Case of Nicaragua and the Ministry of Health
Dr. Miguel Orozco

Workshop for the Presentation of Final Projects

- Presentation from Argentina
- Presentation from Bolivia
- Presentation from Brazil
- Presentation from Costa Rica
- Presentation from Ecuador
- Presentation from El Salvador
- Presentation from Guatemala
- Presentation from Honduras
- Presentation from Nicaragua
- Presentation from Paraguay
- Presentation from Peru
- Presentation from Uruguay
- Presentation from Venezuela
- Presentation from Venezuela 2

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