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Quito, Ecuador
October 29 - 31, 2007

Event Documents

Event Agenda

Scope and Purpose
Jose Ruales-Estupiñan, PAHO, WDC

- Participants List

Background Documents

- Renewing Primary Health Care in the Americas

- Public Health Capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean: Assessment and Strengthening

- Scale-Up Health Systems based PHC Analysis Brazil

- Scale-Up Health Systems based PHC Analysis Peru

- Is It Possible to Scale-Up Health Systems based on Primary Health Care?

Panel: Trends and Experiences in Scaling Up Health Systems Based on PHC

- Strengthening health systems and public health: overview and trends in the region of the Americas
Eduardo Levcovitz, PAHO, WDC

- Policy options for integrating health systems based on PHC
Reynaldo Holder, PAHO, WDC

Panel: Experiences in PHC-Based Health Systems and the Steering Role in Different Scenarios

- Chile: Family Health program and the guarantee of care for acute respiratory diseases
Nelly Baeza Tapia, Ministry of Health, Chile

- Costa Rica: The Steering Role of the Ministry of Health on the provision of basic health services by the CCSS at the first level of care
Rossana García, Ministry of Health, Costa Rica

- Strengthening the leadership/steering in sectoral policy in the Dominican Republic
Juan Esteban Peguero, SESPAS, Dominican Republic

- Uruguay: Strengthening the steering role and health sector reform
Silvia Melgar, Ministry of Public Health, Uruguay

Panel: Strategies to Confront Health System’s Fragmentation and Segmentation

- Fragmentation of health services in the Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador – Analysis of the issues and strategies
Ernesto Torres, Ministry of Public Health, Ecuador

- Institutional coordination in Haiti - issues and strategic response
Mona Dupervale (MSPP) Jean André (MSPP-IDB), Haiti

- Anguilla’s Health Reform: Towards Strengthening Health Systems and Improving Health Care Provision
Bonnie Richardson-Lake, Ministry of Social Development, Anguilla

- Public Health and intersectoriality,management of health determinants and risks in the Family Health Model of Bogota
Jorge Bernal, District Health Secretariat of Bogota, Colombia

- Achievements in the Health Sector Reform of El Salvador: the Family Health Model
Guillermo Maza Brizuela, Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, El Salvador

- Operation Integration between the Ministry of Health and Social Security in Escuintla, Guatemala
Velia Oliva/Edna de Amado, MOH-IGSS, Guatemala

- Strengthening the Steering Role of the Ministry of Health in the context of decentralization in Peru
Oscar Ugarte, PRAES, Peru

Panel: Strategies for Strengthening Health System Capacity

- Human Resources and interculturality: Community and Intercultural Family Health Model in Bolivia
Marco Valencia, Ministry of Health & Sports, Bolivia

- Building Public Health capacities in an integrated health system in Canada
Ted Bruce, Costal Health Authority Vancouver, Canada

- Improving surveillance and control capacity in Colombia
Ana Milena Rizo, Superintendency of Health, Colombia

- Strengthening Public Health Capacities and Infrastructure in Peru
Arturo Hinostrosa, PAHO, Peru

Panel: Integration of Programs and Population-Based Approaches

- The response of health systems with programmatic and population-based approaches
María Elena López Ministry of Health, Costa Rica

- Program and service integration in the response to HIV/AIDS
Luis Gutiérrez, PAHO, Ecuador

- Integration and management of maternal and child health programs in Paraguay
Elsa Paredes de Battaglia, Ministry of Public Health and Social Wellfare, Paraguay

- Integration of national vertical programs within the health system in Peru
Celeste Cambria, PAHO, Peru

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