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cover_rectoria_meth_en.jpgThe Pan American Health Organization jointly with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) elaborated the Methodological Guidelines: The Steering Role Capacity of the National Health Authority (NHA): Strengthening its Performance in response to the request by the countries of the Region of the Americas for technical cooperation to enable them to improve the leadership capacity and institutional capability of the NHA. The objective is to facilitate an in-country self-evaluation of the NHA capacity to exercise the steering role function. The process consists of two stages:

The first stage includes Mapping the National Health Authority in order to identify the institution/s who are legally and functionally responsible for carrying out the steering role functions. 

The second stage consists of an instrument geared to the self-assessment performance evaluation of the NHA steering role as it relates to the capacity to Conduct/Lead, Regulate, Deliver Health Services, Secure Financing and Insurance, and implement the Essential Public Health Functions.

Both stages provide the evidence required by the countries to design plans to strengthen the steering role.


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