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Prevalence of tobacco use

Prevalence of tobacco use among males is higher than females for both adults and adolescents. In 2006, the WHO Western Pacific Region had the highest prevalence in adult males with 56.5% of the population 15 and above smoking any form of tobacco. However, among adolescent males (13–15 years old over the period of 2000-2009) the WHO Western Pacific Region had the lowest among the WHO regions at 9.5%. Regional averages should however be taken with caution as the disparity between countries is great; for male adolescents, the range is from 2.7 to 65.8% percent among the 157 countries with surveys since 2000. In addition, monitoring activities are strongest in high-income countries. Progress is particularly needed in low and middle-income countries, where tobacco use is rising fastest. A total of 100 countries, with 55% of the world's population (compared with 48% in 2007), have recent and representative data on smoking prevalence for both adults and youth from surveys conducted in 2003 or later. However, only 36 countries, with 34% of the world's population, also collect data on a periodic basis (i.e. at intervals of five years or less).

In the Region of the Americas, like in the World, the prevalence of tobacco use among males is higher than females for both adults and adolescents. In adult males the range is from 17.0% to 42.9% where Cuba with 42.9% and Chile with 42.0% are the countries with higher prevalences. In adult females the range is from 2.8% to 33.8%, and Chile with 33.8% and Cuba 29.3% are the countries with higher prevalences. In adolescent males the range of the prevalence tobacco use is from 10.5% to 34.5%, and Barbados presents the higher value with 34.5%. In adolescent females the range is from 6.5% to 39.8% having Chile the higher value with 39.8%. Chile is followed by Argentina 29.7%, Mexico 28.5% and Colombia with 27.8% prevalence of tobacco use in adolescent females.

The interactive map below illustrates the prevalence of tobacco use in adult and adolescents in the Region of the Americas. data is accessible through PATIOS and GHO databases.


Tobacco use among adults and adolescents

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