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Members: Beatriz Champagne (leader), Norm Campbell, Hubert Linders.

The Advocacy team is a working subgroup of the PAHO/WHO Regional Expert Group on Cardiovascular disease prevention through dietary salt reduction that serves as the primary source for evidence-based policies. The subgroup was established during the launch of the Initiative on 9-12 September 2009, at the PAHO HQ, Washington, D.C.


The following 6-, 10- and 24-months markers were set by the group:

 6 Months:

  • Develop a communications plan with emphasis on the information needs of the Caribbean, and Central and Latin America
  • Frame salt additives as a food safety issue
  • Initiate development of an advocacy tool kit = prepare 5 key fact sheets directed at different audiences
  • Initiate media advocacy and prepare responses to FAQ
  • Examine literature for the best way to inform consumers about sodium e.g. front-of-package
  • Identify point person(s)/facilitator(s)/champion(s) in countries
  • Identify political opportunities, obstacles and readiness
  • Advocate restricted advertising of foods to children. Join/add support to the related global movement

10 Months

• Monitor the take-up of the policy statement and subsequent activities
• Monitor use of labels, logos, symbols indicating low sodium levels or warnings for high sodium, and associated evaluations of efficacy
• Complete Toolkit and make available on the PAHO website
• Facilitate public and media awareness campaign
• Build capacity of advocates, policy makers and media
•  Encourage expert interdisciplinary group per country

24 Months

 Stimulate publications in academic and lay press
• Continue to encourage and support local policy change efforts
• Continue to encourage and support public and media awareness campaigns, changing messages as necessary
• Collect and track information on the knowledge and understanding of consumers of sodium/salt risk




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