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Members: Beatriz Champagne (leader), Norm Campbell, Hubert Linders.

The Advocacy team is a working subgroup of the PAHO/WHO Regional Expert Group on Cardiovascular disease prevention through dietary salt reduction that serves as the primary source for evidence-based policies. The subgroup was established during the launch of the Initiative on 9-12 September 2009, at the PAHO HQ, Washington, D.C.


The following 6-, 10- and 24-months markers were set by the group:

 6 Months:

  • Develop a communications plan with emphasis on the information needs of the Caribbean, and Central and Latin America
  • Frame salt additives as a food safety issue
  • Initiate development of an advocacy tool kit = prepare 5 key fact sheets directed at different audiences
  • Initiate media advocacy and prepare responses to FAQ
  • Examine literature for the best way to inform consumers about sodium e.g. front-of-package
  • Identify point person(s)/facilitator(s)/champion(s) in countries
  • Identify political opportunities, obstacles and readiness
  • Advocate restricted advertising of foods to children. Join/add support to the related global movement

10 Months

• Monitor the take-up of the policy statement and subsequent activities
• Monitor use of labels, logos, symbols indicating low sodium levels or warnings for high sodium, and associated evaluations of efficacy
• Complete Toolkit and make available on the PAHO website
• Facilitate public and media awareness campaign
• Build capacity of advocates, policy makers and media
•  Encourage expert interdisciplinary group per country

24 Months

 Stimulate publications in academic and lay press
• Continue to encourage and support local policy change efforts
• Continue to encourage and support public and media awareness campaigns, changing messages as necessary
• Collect and track information on the knowledge and understanding of consumers of sodium/salt risk




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Salt and Men's Health
This webinar was created in celebration of World Salt Awareness Week 2011. Click the links below to view the webinar.



Has the latest published material by the sub group:

·         protocol for population level sodium determination on 24 hour urine collection,

·         position on methods and statistical consideration

Go to download page.

Databases and targets

Has links to databases that include sodium/salt content of food products to assist countries to engage in negotiations with the respective food industries and facilitate (where possible) food product comparison. Read more…

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