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Members: Ricardo Uauy (leader), Simon Barquera, Tito Pizarro, Mary L'Abbé, Marcelo Tavella, Darwin Labarthe, Sonia Angell.

The Industry team is a working subgroup of the PAHO/WHO Regional Expert Group on Cardiovascular disease prevention through dietary salt reduction that serves as the primary source for evidence-based policies. The subgroup was established during the launch of the Initiative on 9-12 September 2009, at the PAHO HQ, Washington, D.C.


The following 6-, 10- and 24-months markers were set by the group to be accomplished over the 2 years:

At 6 Months:

        • Identify stakeholders as potential signatories to the policy statement and approach for endorsement 
        • Begin coalition building e.g. link to Partners’ Forum through PAHO
        • Encourage participation of governments in Codex related to sodium.
        • Prepare a position on harmonizing the sodium content of globally available food products referring to best in class

At 10 Months:

        • Develop coalitions, networks, partnerships
        • Gather regulations, guidelines, and standards around advertising of sodium/salt

At 24 Months:

  • Develop a legislative or regulatory framework 
  • Provide information on salt substitutes and taste substitution and enhancement
  • Formulate the position on the safety of salt as a food additive and the safety of high salt content foods
  • Monitor for unintended consequences of lowering sodium in foods (e.g. raised levels of sugars)


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