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  • As of today, Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP - Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population) has reported 4,714 cases and 330 deaths at national lArtibonite is the department with the highest cumulative incidence rate, followed by Central, and Ouest.

  • MSPP continues the implementing of the three components outlined in the national strategy for cholera with PAHO providing technical support in epidemiology and surveillance. Also, the MSPP is training community health workers on the use of oral rehydration salts in order to provide treatment rapidly to the population. Public health messages have been developed for dissemination to the public regarding hand washing, good hygiene and sanitation, safe food handling and others that prevent the spread of disease.

  • PAHO was made aware of concerns regarding a request this week for cholera-related supplies by the U.S.–based nongovernmental organization J/P HRO. PAHO’s inquiry into the matter determined that J/P HRO requested and received 500 IV catheters, 2,000 liters of IV fluids, 10,000 doxycycline tablets, and body bags from PROMESS since the start of the cholera outbreak. A delay in distributing 1,000 liters of IV fluids occurred when PROMESS attempted to verify directly with medical personnel at the St. Nicholas Hospital in Artibonite whether these fluids were urgently needed, as they are currently in short supply. J/P HRO did receive the fluids and reportedly delivered them to St. Nicolas Hospital later the same day.


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