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Technical Information

Disaster Management

  • Acute diarrhoeal diseases in complex emergencies: critical steps [English] [French]
  • Be a Better Donor: Practical Recommendations for Humanitarian Aid [English] [Spanish]
  • Cholera outbreak: assessing the outbreak response and improving preparedness [English] [French] [Portuguese]
  • First steps for managing an outbreak of acute diarrhoea [English] [French]
  • Management of Dead Bodies after Disasters: A Field Manual for First Responders [English] [French] [Spanish]


  • Diagnóstico de Vibrio cholerae y Salmonella [Spanish]
  • Procedures for identification of Vibrio cholerae in the microbiology laboratory [Spanish]


  • Manual de Procedimientos Aislamiento, identificación y caracterización de Vibrio cholerae [Spanish]
  • Recommendations for cholera clinical management [English]

Prevention and vaccines

  • Prévention des maladies d’origine alimentaire: les Cinq clefs pour des aliments plus sûrs [French]

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