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Water Fluoridation Promotes Oral Health across Communities

Hailed as one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century by the CDC, water fluoridation has been preventing tooth decay in communities since 1945. This section highlights an overview on community water fluoridation and its benefits for oral health from the Center for Disease Control.

Oral Health Module: Recognition and Control of Noma

Often called the “Face of Poverty”, Noma is a disfiguring, infectious disease that targets children living in extreme poverty. Several risk factors including malnutrition, poor hygiene and sanitation, inadequate health care and a weakened immune system accelerate the stages of noma. This module outlines measures for identifying, combating and preventing this horrible tragedy in vulnerable communities.

The materials in this module were developed by PAHO and Dr. Priscilla Benner, director of MAMA Project Inc., and adapted by Abraham Itty, PAHO intern from Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM).  We would like to thank the Hesperian Foundation and Dr. Bruce Donoff, Dean of HSDM, for their contributions and support.  A special acknowledgement of appreciation goes to Dr. Cyril Enwonwu from the University of Maryland Dental School. 

Introduction [click here to read the Introduction] (197 kB)

Noma Module in the Train the Trainer
Workshop on the recognition and control of noma  [click here to read de Module 8]

Powerpoint [click here to read the Power Point presentation]



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