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Regional Mortality database

Detailed data files of the PAHO/AMRO-WHO Mortality Database are being provided to download in this page. Due to the large amount of data, files are provided in ASCII (comma separated values - csv) format. The files are organized by country and years to facilitate the download process.

The data available comprise deaths registered in national vital registration systems and reported to PAHO by national authorieties. Underlying causes of death, sex and age groups --variables included in these files-- have been reviewed and validated according to Internation Classification of Diseases (ICD). These data are official national statistics.

Last updated: March, 2011.

Data files
Excel data file

Detailed mortality data files (CSV)

Excel data file

Interactive Data Table 



:: Mortality and causes of death
:: Family of International Classifications
:: International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10)

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