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External Relations


To respond to the collective mandates of the Organization and of the Member States, and to maximize resources for hemispheric health, the Office of External Relations is responsible for designing and implementing PAHO’s foreign affairs strategies and cooperates in defining the resource mobilization policies and strategies.

Functions of the Office of External Relations

  • Coordinates the external relations of the Pan American Health Organization, identifying the impact of policies of other organizations on health and trying to influence policy to improve the international environment for health development.
  • Cooperates in mobilizing resources for regional and national health priorities programmed in the Biennial Work Plan and provides technical support to countries in the management of international cooperation.
  • Strengthens the relationships with the Inter-American system, OASthe United Nations system, UNinternational lending institutions, bilateral cooperation agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector.

Our partners

To carry out our work, we maintain contacts with many partners, including sister organizations from the United Nations system, the Intern American system, bilateral and multilateral organizations, (link to the banks) foundations and NGOs, and various regional and subregional institutions, as well as with our 35 Member States.

Our Role in External Relations

The Office of External Relations works to ensure the heightened presence of health issues and priorities in the socio-economic and political agendas of the international community.


  • Participating in hemispheric processes, summits, Summits of the Americas ; Fifth Summit of the Americas ; SEGIB ; XIX Cimeira Ibero Americana global and regional conferences, OECD ensuring the inclusion of health issues in hemispheric political and development agendas.
  • Disseminating PAHO’s Strategic and Programmatic Orientations Health Agenda for the Americas and Strategic Plan  and priorities among other international organization, bilateral organization, UN agencies, public policy for a, NGOs and private institutions.
  • Strengthening PAHO’s knowledge of, and fostering partnerships between governments, NGOs and foundations working in health development.
  • Securing knowledge of processes and coordinating agendas and initiatives within the UN system, multilateral lending institutions, Inter-American system and bilateral agencies.
  • Advising PAHO about the international environment and its impact on our Organization and on health priorities in the Hemisphere. OECD
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