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Epidemiological AlertsIn Haiti,during the third EW of 2011 Haiti registered an increase in the weekly incidence rate at the national level, which went from 10.1 cholera cases per 10,000 inhabitants in EW 2 to 13.6 cases per 10,000 inhabitants in EW 3, which is an increase of 6.9% in the new case registrered when compared to the previous week. Of all the departments, six, increased their weekly incidence rate (Centre, Ouest, Nippes, Sud Est, Nord-Est, and Nord-Ouest) and four showed a decrease (Artibonite, Grande Anse, Nord and Sud). The hospitalization case fatality rate at the national level in EW 3 of 2011 was 1.5%, two decimals above the previous week.

While in the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of Public Health informed that since the beginning of the outbreak in EW 45 of 2010 to EW 2 of 2011, there were 263 cases confirmed by laboratory and one death that happened in EW 2.

icon Epidemiological Alert: Weekly update on the Cholera situation EW 3 (January 16 to January 22 2011) (Published on 31 January 2011)

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