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The Pan American Health Organization Public Health Information Platform (PAHO-PHIP): an organization-wide data warehouse and health intelligence platform to support health analysis and decision-making.

PAHO-PHIP was presented at the Global Health Metrics and Evaluation (GHME) Conference 2011: "Controversies, Innovation, Accountability", Seatle, Washington.

PAHO-PHIP is an innovative solution for integrating health data across the Organization, facilitating health analysis and generation of relevant results and the evidence needed for steering the technical cooperation, support decision-making, monitoring progress of key health indicators, assess the health situation and trend and predict public health issues.

PHIP is and example of the potential of internet-based technologies for sharing public health data and information, and fast generation and dissemination of empirical evidence for decision-making in public health. 


This is the poster of the PAHO Health Information Platform (PHIP) presented at the GHME. The Poster [pdf format, 119Kb] is also available for download. The summary of this presentation was published in The Lancet, and its electronic version is  available online.

Current challenges in global, regional, national and local public health, the global economic situation and the increasing demands for accountability, requires intensified efforts to implement innovative tools, methods and evidence to support decision-making in health. The capacity of sharing sound health data, information, evidence and knowledge ensure that our Organization will be among the global leaders in public health.

PAHO Health Information Platform (PHIP) integrates data from the PAHO Core Health Indicator initiative, the Regional Mortality database and data from health areas and programs across the Organization. PAHO cross-organizational team of public health analysts is devoted to health intelligence, production of analytical results and support fact-based and informed recommendations to overcome health problems.  The Regional Health Observatory (PAHO-RHO) Open Portal is the gateway to access data, information, reports, publications and all the content produced by the Organization to support decision-making for the Americas' region.

More information about Project 2A "Strenthening of PAHO Health Information System" is available in this Progress Report. 


Provide valid, reliable and comparable health measurements for comprehensive analysis and public health policy implementation to Member States, public prfessionals and workers and the who society is a mandate for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and PHIP and the Regional Health Observatroy (RHO) are two of the tools that PAHO uses to accomplish this mandate.

Data, results and information products from PHIP are also available at the Portal of the Regional Health Observatory

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