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:: IDF: International Diabetes Federation
:: WDP: World Diabetes Foundation
:: ADA: American Diabetes Association

Chronic Care

:: The Center for Health Care Innovation
:: IHJ: Institute for Health Improvement

Cardivascular Diseases

:: SIAC: Sociedad Interamericana de Cardiología
:: IAHF: Interamerican Heart Foundation
:: CWONCA-CIMF: Conferadacion Iberoamericana de Medicina Familiar
:: NHLBI: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
:: AHA: American Heart Association


:: CASH: Consensus Action on Salt & Health
:: WASH: World Action on Salt & Health
:: Food and Safety Authority for Ireland
:: Food Standard Agency of Great Britain


:: WHO Global Infobase
:: UNdata
:: WHO SIS: Statistical Information System
:: AMVISAH: Regional Information System on Alcohol and Health in the Americas


:: The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologist of Canada
:: Asociación Latinoamericana de Cuidados Paliativos
:: ACS: American Cancer Society
:: ICO: Institut Català d'Oncologia
:: UNFPA: America Latina y el Caribe
:: UICC: Union for International Cancer Control
:: IATCC: International Agency for Research on Cancer
:: CCA: Cervical Cancer Action
:: ACCP:Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention
:: Proyecto Epidemiológico Guanacaste
:: National Cancer Institute
:: US National Institutes of Health
:: Basic Health International
:: RHO Cervical Cancer

PAHO related websites:

:: Tobacco
:: Healthy Schools
:: Health and Analysis
:: Alcohol
:: HLAC: The Healthy Latin America Coalition
:: HCC: Healthy Caribbean Coalition
:: CDC: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
:: PHAC:The Public Health Agency of Canada’s World Health Organization Collaboration Centre on Noncommunicable Chronic Disease Policy

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