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Links of resources from international organizations and national Ministries of Health related to avian influenza and influenza pandemic preparedness.

United Nations System Influenza Coordination

WHO – Influenza

FAO - Avian Influenza

FAO - Avian influenza - Regional Office for Latin America (in Spanish)

UNICEF - Avian and Pandemic Inflluenza

OIE-World Organization for Animal Health

The World Bank - Avian Flu in East Asia and Pacific

United Nations- Avian and Pandemic Influenza Communication Resources

PAHO Communicable Disease Prevention and Control

PAHO Risk and Outbreak Communication

PAHO Regional Program on Zoonoses at PANAFTOSA

PAHO Regional Program on Epidemic Alert and Response

PAHO Regional Program on Viral Diseases

PAHO Veterinary Public Health

PAHO Immunization in the Americas 2008 Brochure

PANAFTOSA Bibliographical Database

PANAFTOSA Regional Events Directory

BIREME Virtual Health Library

RIMSA: Inter-American Meeting in Health and Agriculture at Ministerial Level

Canada- Public Health Agency of Canada, Avian Influenza

Chile- Ministry of Health, Pandemic Influenza

El Salvador- Ministry of Health, Avian Influenza

Mexico- Ministry of Health, Pandemic Influenza

Peru- Ministry of Health

United Kingdom- Department of Health, Pandemic Flu

United States- U.S. Department of Health & Human Services - One-stop access to U.S. Government avian and pandemic flu information

CDC - Avian Influenza

CDC - Travelers' Health

Venezuela- Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Salud, Pandemia de Influenza


PAHO Avian Influenza Home Page

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