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Dr. James Hospedales, Prevention & Control of Chronic Diseases

Interview with Dr. James Hospedales, PAHO Senior Advisor Prevention & Control of Chronic Diseases about NCD's (non-communicable diseases) such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity and how these diseases threaten the sustainability of health services and the economy.

In September 2011, this situation will be address by the Head of States at the highest possible level during the United Nations Summit.

During this detail interview Dr. Hospedales recounts the genesis and origins of this achievement, the role of the Caribbean countries and the Pan American Health Organization.


Prevent Deaths from Cardiovascular Diseases

Dra. Mirta Roses Periago
Directora, Organización Panamericana de la Salud

Las enfermedades cardiovasculares se han convertido en la primera causa de mortalidad en las Américas, causando más de un millón de fallecimientos al año, y la situación se agravará conforme la población envejece.

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Caribbean civil society organization launches a Caribbean health revolution media campaign.

The Healthy Caribbean Coalition, a network established to combat chronic diseases, today officially launched a media campaign to firstly sensitize people of the Region about diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and chronic lung disease, and secondly, obtain their support for a United Nations High Level Meeting to be held 19‐20 September 2011 on chronic diseases.

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Health Leaders Promise New Action to Reduce Chronic Diseases in the Americas

Ministers meet to prepare a regional position for upcoming U.N. summit

Washington, D.C., 4 March 2011 (PAHO). Ministers of health and other high-level health officials from throughout the Americas called for a series of actions to reduce the toll of chronic noncommunicable diseases, in a declaration issued last week in Mexico City.

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Chronic diseases, the biggest killer

Washington, D.C., 10 October 2010) There is a strong association between Chronic Non-communicable Diseases (CNCDs) and poverty. 'Sixty-two per cent (3.2 million) of the 5.2 million deaths reported in the region of the Americas in 2004 were due to chronic diseases - mainly cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes - exceeding the worldwide average of 60.2 per cent.' PAHO Director's article published in several media communications in  the Americas' region.

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