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Chronic Diseases
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Cardiovascular Risk Calculator now includes Glomerular Filtration module to estimate kidney function (03/12/2015)

app logoThe PAHO/WHO Cardiovascular Risk Calculator has been updated to estimate the glomerular filtration rate, which is used to assess the state of kidney function. 

Call for nominations for 2015 World No Tobacco Day Awards (02/10/2015)

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) is calling for nominations of individuals or organizations in the Americas to be honored as part of the 2015 World No Tobacco Day Awards. The awards recognize accomplishments in the area of tobacco control and will be presented on World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2015. The deadline for nominations is Thursday, 5 March 2015.


Amoha´anga ñeñangareko mba´asy puku: Implementación del Modelo de Cuidados Crónicos en el Bañado Sur y el Chaco Paraguayo (08/12/2013)

Las enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles son una prioridad en Paraguay, donde se ha demostrado una alta prevalencia de obesidad, diabetes e hipertensión entre otros en estudios poblacionales.

PAHO director welcomes new Caribbean health agency, CARPHA (07/03/2013)

SaltSmart consortium endorses plan to halve dietary salt consumption in the Americas by 2020 (06/14/2013)

Tobacco consumption and hypertension increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease (06/05/2013)

Preventing cervical cancer in Argentina (05/28/2013)

PAHO/WHO urges total bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship in the Americas (05/27/2013)

Technical Document: Salt Smart Americas (05/16/2013)

Lowering salt intake prevents hypertension and cuts risks of heart attacks and stroke by 25% (05/16/2013)

NCDs and Development in the PAHO Region: A Think Tank Report to Inform NCD Strategic Planning in the Americas (04/29/2013)

Innovative Strategies for Cervical and Breast Cancer Control: a regional meeting to share experiences and lessons learned (04/18/2013)

PAHO/WHO spreads the word about hypertension during soccer match in Washington, D.C. (04/17/2013)

Countries have access to affordable medicines for hypertension and other chronic diseases through the PAHO Strategic Fund (04/08/2013)

Experts urge policy changes to reduce the growing burden of hypertension and other chronic conditions (04/05/2013)

World Health Day: In the Americas, one in three adults has hypertension, the leading risk factor for death from cardiovascular disease (04/04/2013)

World Health Day 2013: measure your blood pressure, reduce your risk (04/04/2013)

World Health Day: Experts to discuss hypertension in the Americas (04/01/2013)

PAHO welcomes tobacco ban at 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil (03/25/2013)

PAHO welcomes tobacco ban at 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil (03/25/2013)

PAHO Director invites you to celebrate World Health Day (03/24/2013)

April 7 2013: World Health Day 2013, Hypertension (03/24/2013)

World Salt Awareness Week: “Less salt, please!” (03/11/2013)

PAHO/WHO Webinar invitation - Less Salt, Please! (03/11/2013)

CSS y OPS/OMS lanzan curso virtual de autoaprendizaje en diabetes para profesionales de la salud (In Spanish) (03/04/2013)

eHealth Experience: Get The Message Campaign in the Caribbean (02/24/2013)

5th International Cancer Control Congress (ICCC5) (02/14/2013)

New multi-sector partnership seeks to reduce cervical and breast cancer in the Americas (02/08/2013)

Derribando mitos sobre el cáncer (02/05/2013)

PAHO seeks to prevent breast and cervical cancer, which claim some 120,000 lives each year in the Americas (02/05/2013)

Cuba – Battling cancer with biotechnology (02/03/2013)

World Cancer Day, 4 February 2013 (02/02/2013)

Women’s Cancer Initiative: A joint commitment to save lives (02/01/2013)


Five rules to keep your holiday foods safe (12/21/2012)

Special issue of the Pan American Journal of Public Health examines cardiovascular disease prevention through salt reduction (12/14/2012)

Organizing and delivering High Quality Care for Chronic Non-Communicable conditions in the Americas (12/14/2012)

PAHO, World Federation of Sporting Goods discuss joint actions to promote physical activity in the Americas (12/07/2012)

Dr James Hospdales Senior Advisor of Non-Communicable Diseases speaks about "World Diabetes Day" (11/15/2012)

Diabetes Shows Upward Trend in the Americas (11/14/2012)

World Diabetes Day 2012 - Useful Materials (11/13/2012)

In the Americas, tobacco is linked to 7 in 10 deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (11/13/2012)

New International Protocol Adopted to Combat Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products (11/12/2012)

WHO Member States make progress on noncommunicable diseases (11/12/2012)

28th Pan American Sanitary Conference. 64th Session of the Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas (11/09/2012)

Cervical Cancer Experts gather to develop new guidelines (11/06/2012)

PAHO/WHO Launches Mobile Application that Monitors Student Health in the Americas (10/27/2012)

NCDs problem in the Americas needs collaboration and partnerships between sectors and agencies (10/26/2012)

Fighting NCDs Requires Commitment from All Sectors: With Clear Rules of Engagement including Conflicts of Interest, It Can Be Done (10/21/2012)

The Check-up: Noncommunicable Diseases (10/17/2012)

World Heart Day: Cardiovascular Diseases Cause 1.9 Million Deaths a Year in the Americas (09/29/2012)

Evaluación del riesgo cardiovascular a los empleados de la Organización en el día mundial del corazón (In Spanish) (09/29/2012)

Policy Forum on Active Cities: Transforming Communities for Smart Growth and Health (09/28/2012)

Seven days for the Health (In Spanish) (09/28/2012)

Don Francisco: Message about the Wellness Week - 2012 (09/26/2012)

“Almuerzo saludable” marca nuevo lanzamiento de Semana de Bienestar y cierre de la Conferencia Sanitaria Panamericana (In Spanish) (09/21/2012)

Countries of the Americas seek to prevent 3 million deaths from noncommunicable diseases by 2025 (09/20/2012)

Nearly 250 million people in the Americas suffer noncommunicable disease (09/18/2012)

Wellness Week photo exhibition presented at the OAS (09/18/2012)

Entrevista a la Dra Klinger: La sal y la hipertensión arterial en Las Américas (09/06/2012)

Governments, private sector, and civil society commit to reduce salt consumption through region-wide partnership (08/30/2012)

Multilateral Consortium Debates How to Reduce Dietary Salt (08/28/2012)

Partnerships are Critical for an Effective Cancer Prevention and Control, Dr. Andrus Says (08/28/2012)

Representantes de países participan en consulta sobre Estrategia de prevención y control de las enfermedades no transmisibles (08/09/2012)

The Role of eHealth in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity (06/18/2012)

IARC: Diesel Engine Exhaust Carcinogenic (06/13/2012)

Harnessing Multi-Stakeholder Action in the Americas (05/24/2012)

WHO and PAHO honor efforts to counter the actions of the tobacco industry in the Americas (05/15/2012)

New WHO statistics highlight increases in blood pressure and diabetes, other noncommunicable risk factors (05/14/2012)

New PAHO Publication launched during the CARMEN meeting in Brasilia (05/09/2012)

Experts pledge multisectoral action to fight non-communicable diseases (05/08/2012)

Leaders from all sectors attend first meeting of the Pan American Forum for Action on Non-communicable Diseases (05/06/2012)

Improving Chronic Illness Care (05/03/2012)

Chronic Care Passport (05/03/2012)

At CARMEN meeting, health experts discuss action on non-communicable diseases (05/02/2012)

Preventing non-communicable diseases in adolescents and young adults (04/24/2012)

New "Factsheet: Diabetes in the Americas" (04/23/2012)

Healthy Aging & Non-Communicable Diseases (04/12/2012)

World Salt Awareness Week (03/26/2012)

Acelerar el combate del cáncer (In Spanish) (03/12/2012)

International Women’s Day: Non-Communicable Diseases and Gender (03/08/2012)

Meeting of the Pan American Forum for Action on Noncommunicable Diseases (02/29/2012)

Atención integral del cancer cervicouterino en la Frontera (In Spanish) (02/03/2012)

World Cancer Day: "Together it is possible" (02/03/2012)

Two-thirds of future cancer cases will be in developing countries (02/01/2012)

Punto Vida, Bolivia (01/26/2012)

CAMDI Survey of diabetes, hypertension and chronic disease risk factors: Belize, San Jose, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Managua and Tegucigalpa, 2012 (01/23/2012)

Population and individual approaches to the prevention and management of diabetes and obesity (01/12/2012)


Taller: Economía de la prevención de enfermedades no transmisibles y sus factores de riesgo [2011] (In Spanish) (11/29/2011)

Diabetes: Disease on the Rise in the Americas (11/14/2011)

World Diabetes Day: Disease on the Rise in the Americas (11/10/2011)

Countries of the Americas are Taking Action to Reduce Salt Consumption and Save Lives (11/02/2011)

Andrus at APHA: Chronic Diseases Require All-Society Approach (10/31/2011)

World Conference on Social Determinants of Health (10/20/2011)

Political declaration of the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases (10/13/2011)

Summary of the UN High Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (10/13/2011)

New publication: Priorities for Cardiovascular Health in the Americas (09/29/2011)

Overview of Events During the UN Summit on Noncommunicable Diseases (09/22/2011)

Caribbean Action to Fight NCDs (09/22/2011)

From the Americas: Success Stories in the Fight against Noncommunicable Diseases (09/22/2011)

Studies Showing Effects of Gender on Noncommunicable Diseases Reviewed by Experts (09/20/2011)

Caribbean Leaders Praised for Early Action on Noncommunicable Diseases (09/19/2011)

Interventions of the Heads of State of the Americas at the UN High-level Meeting on NCDs (09/19/2011)

UN General Assembly announces historic commitment to fight noncommunicable diseases (09/19/2011)

Political Declaration of the High-level Meeting on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases is Approved (09/19/2011)

New WHO study details low-cost solutions to help curb the tide on noncommunicable diseases (09/19/2011)

Ministers of Health of the Americas agree that promoting physical activity is a key policy for preventing noncommunicable diseases (09/18/2011)

Sir George Alleyne Praises NCD Alliance Work For the UNHLM (09/18/2011)

PAHO Director Urges Supporters to Keep NCDs High on the Political Agenda (09/17/2011)

Wellness Week Launched in New York and Celebrated throughout the Americas (09/16/2011)

UN Convenes First-ever High-level Meeting on Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Control (09/16/2011)

Mobile phones and social media in the response to NCDs (09/16/2011)

Building a Healthier Future (09/16/2011)

Launch of Wellness Week in New York and Cities throughout the Americas (09/16/2011)

PAHO Video: UNITE in the Fight Against NCDs (09/16/2011)

Washington Post Forum Spotlights NCDs (09/15/2011)

Director Adjunto explica estrategia de la OPS para reducir carga de enfermedades no transmisibles en la región (09/14/2011)

Honduras confirmó su presencia en la Reunión de Alto Nivel de la ONU sobre las Enfermedades Crónicas no Transmisibles (08/26/2011)

Wellness Week to Promote Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (07/19/2011)

Enfrentar el problema de las enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles requiere la acción de múltiples sectores y no sólo la salud (06/16/2011)

PAHO to Honor Tobacco Control Initiatives in the Americas (05/20/2011)

Únete a la lucha contra las enfermedades no transmisibles (05/19/2011)

Noncommunicable diseases are discussed in technical meeting of 64th World Health Assembly (05/16/2011)

En Moscú, los ministros de Salud se comprometen a tomar acciones más fuertes contra las enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles (05/03/2011)

New Caribbean Campaign Uses Cell Phones, Social Media to Fight Chronic Diseases (03/18/2011)

Ministros de Salud de las Américas acuerdan medidas para reducir enfermedades crónicas (03/04/2011)

Organizaciones de la sociedad civil de Latinoamérica conforman coalición para reducir las enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles (03/03/2011)

Women and Men Face Different Chronic Disease Risks (02/28/2011)

Physical activity can help reduce risk of some cancers (02/03/2011)


Experts Set Priorities for Battling Chronic Diseases in the Americas (11/16/2010)

Along U.S. – Mexico Border, Diabetes Cases Are the “Tip of the Iceberg” (10/21/2010)

Salt reduction meeting in Calgary (10/18/2010)

Enfermedades crónicas, el peor asesino (10/18/2010)

Health Leaders Endorse Major Effort to Fight Chronic Malnutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean (09/30/2010)

Health Leaders Vow to Resist Tobacco Industry Pressure and Support Efforts to Reduce Tobacco Use (09/29/2010)

Restrictions Urged on Cigarette Makers’ Efforts to Lure Women into Smoking Addiction (06/02/2010)

Women Are the Focus of World No Tobacco Day 2010 (05/25/2010)

Collective Efforts Can Prevent Cancer and Chronic Disease Explosion in the Americas (01/31/2010)

Collective Efforts Can Prevent Cancer and Chronic Disease Explosion in the Americas (01/31/2010)


PAHO/WHO launches private-public partnership to promote healthy lifestyles, reduce chronic diseases (12/01/2009)

Health Experts Call on Industry, Consumers to Cut Salt to Save Lives (11/16/2009)

PAHO, CDC to Offer Workshop on Organizing 'Ciclovias' (10/22/2009)

Countries work together to reduce burden of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases (10/08/2009)

PAHO Experts Recommend Lowering Salt Consumption to Save Lives (09/12/2009)

Caribbean Countries Celebrate Healthy Lifestyles (09/01/2009)

PAHO, World Economic Forum Spearhead Development of New Partnership for Healthy Living (07/23/2009)

Blood "from the heart" is the safest blood (06/12/2009)

PAHO Rallies New Partners for Chronic Disease Prevention (03/27/2009)


Diabetes: PAHO urges fight against obesity and malnutrition (11/13/2008)

Number of People with Diabetes Expected to Increase by 150 Percent in the Americas (10/06/2008)

Countries Pledge New Action to Reduce Cervical Cancer Deaths (10/03/2008)

Better Screening, Treatment, and Affordable Vaccines Can Prevent Doubling of Cervical Cancer Deaths (05/29/2008)

Nutrition Experts Call on Food Industry to Support "Trans Fat Free Americas" (03/26/2008)

World Cancer Day 2008: I love my smoke-free childhood (02/14/2008)

:: Pan American Forum for Action on NCDs Newsletter

Pan American Forum for Action on NCDs Newsletter

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