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Governance for Health: Emerging Issue for Intersectoral Policymaking

Health is rarely the sole responsibility of the health sector, and a growing number of public health strategies recognize the importance of intersectoral collaboration. How different spheres intersect to impact health and emerging trends in this area are the subject of a study conducted by the Global Health Programme of the Graduate Institute Geneva. The study is being undertaken to support the development of a new European health policy, “Health 2020,” by the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO/EURO). Dr. Ilona Kickbusch, from the WHO/EURO Office, presented the study and its main purpose to a group at PAHO on May 11. She explained that the need to study governance emerged as Health 2020 was being developed. It was clear that this was a central issue, especially as the concept of health widens to include well-being, where many more actors are involved. The study will look at how governance is changing, the new role of ministries of health, the role of the state, and also how to continue study of the topic.

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