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 What is expected from the UNHLM on NCDs?


What concrete actions are needed prior to the UNHLM on NCDs?




::Increased awareness of development implications of NCDs by global leaders.


:: Advocate for attendance of Heads of State at the UN Summit on NCDs, Sept 2011.




::Changed perception that there are no cost effective interventions especially in developing countries.


:: Mount communication and media campaigns to raise public and awareness of the problem of NCDs.




::Political declaration of commitment for coordinated, multi-sectoral action.


:: Communicate information to influence key stakeholders.




::International solidarity for policies for universal access to services, affordable medicines and technologies.


:: Hold consultations and seek input on perspectives and opinions from key multi stakeholders.




::Higher engagement and commitment to significant increase in Official Development Assistance (ODA) and technical cooperation for NCDs.


:: Support countries to develop national and sub regional analysis and policy briefs on NCDs and major factors.




:: Establishment on the United Nations agenda.


:: Ensure all sectors are aware of the UNHLM.




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