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Verbal Autopsy, Region of the Americas

Topic: Integration of Verbal Autopsy into National Health Information System, as an effective intervention to improve vital and health statistics in the Region of the Americas.

Presenter: Dr. Fatima Marinho

Description: Improve the data quality of health information is a mandate of Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The PAHO Regional Health Observatory promotes the implememtation of best practices to improve the data quality in countries of the Americas. 
This presentation highlights the methodology and tools of Verbal Autopsy as a viable intervention to search for under-registration deaths and local level. It illustrates the value and benefits of the Verbal Autopsy through the experience of Brazil.

Event: Global Congress on Verbal Autopsy: State of the Science. February 15, 2011. Bali, Indonesia


:: Mortality and causes of death 
:: Maternal health


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