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Decision-Making for Using Community Mitigation Measures:
Planning for Influenza and Other Public Health Emergencies


Train the Trainer sub-Regional Workshop

January 19-20, 2011 - Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago


Courtyard Marriot Hotel             

Invaders Bay, Audrey Jeffers Highway,
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone: 1-868-627-5555

Workshop Program

This workshop was organized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to support Caribbean countries in enhancing the effectiveness of their preparedness and response to future influenza pandemics, severe seasonal influenza epidemics, and other public health emergencies such as the possible spread of cholera across the countries in the Americas.

icon Trinidad & Tobago Workshop Agenda (31.1 kB) 

The agenda focused on community mitigation measures, community health workers’ health and protection, and continuity of public health and business operations during an influenza pandemic. In addition, participants conducted a simulation exercise  combining behavior, risk and social communication models to deal with scenarios based on the experience from  the H1N1 influenza pandemic (2009).

This was the third sub-regional workshop on this subject organized in collaboration with CDC. Previous workshops were held in Antigua, Guatemala in November 2009 for the Central American Region and in Lima, Peru  in 2010 for the Andean Region. The forth and last workshop is scheduled to be conducted in Argentina in March 2011 for the countries in the South Cone.


The two-and-a-half day workshop was attended by 32 participants from Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica, St-Lucia, Aruba and Belize. The attendees represented stakeholders whom are central to the planning and implementation of mitigation strategies at the local level. Representatives from the ministry of health, education, media communication, defense, universities, NGOs and health care facilities were in attendance.


Workshop Slides

Presentations made at the workshop by a joint team of facilitators from CDC and PAHO can be downloaded below. 

icon 01. Kahn: Intro Slides (857.09 kB) 

icon 02. Boisson: IHR CAREC (165.29 kB) 

icon 03. Boisson: Lessons from the Pandemic in CAREC (525.19 kB) 

icon 04. Edwards: Community Mitigation (366.25 kB) 

icon 05. Brown: Disease Surveillance and Best Practices Panel (186.22 kB) 

icon 06. Koonin: Community Mitigation Strategies (1.8 MB) 

icon 07. Basurto: Community Mitigation (546.79 kB) 

icon 08. McWhorter Communicating with the Media and Public (11.99 MB) 

icon 09. Lee: Lessons from Pandemic on Community Mobilisation (1.69 MB) 

icon 10. Lavoie: Health Care Workers (803.45 kB) 

icon 11. Contreras: Table Top Community Mitigation Scenario (2.27 MB) 

icon 12. Contreras: Risk Communication Highlights (340.54 kB) 

icon 13. Lavoie: Community FluKit (1.18 MB) 

Workshop Documents

In order to facilitate the replication of the workshop at national and local level, a Community Mitigation Toolkit and a list of Reference Materials was provided to the participants including the following:

icon Trinidad & Tobago Workshop: Participant's Guide (954.61 kB) 

icon Participant's Guide - Supplemental Documents (455 kB) 

Community FluKit for Pandemic Influenza and other Public Health Emergencies


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