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Clinical Trial Registry Latest News

  • In Havana, Cuba, fostered an information exchange, discussion, knowledge and experience sharing among national and worldwide experts in areas that mark the international agenda on the organization of clinical trials. Ludovic Reveiz, Research team-PAHO, was invited to make a presentation and to share PAHO’s experience in the establishment of trial registries in the Region. One desirable outcome of the meeting would be that countries come together and collaborate in establishing a Regional Registry in Spanish that can feed into the WHO Registry (ICTRP). The meeting was organized by the Centro Nacional Coordinador de Ensayos Clínicos (CENCEC) the entity that in 2010 launched the Registro Cubano de Ensayos clinicos: Learn more

  • Pan American Journal of Public Health publishes an article that proposes a roadmap toward transparency of clinical trials in the Americas—by their prospective registration and results disclosure. To be indexed in PubMed. Rev Panam Salud Publica. 2011;30(1):87–96

  • The national and regional implementation of clinical trial registries is a key component of the Research for Health Policy of the Pan American Health Organization, which seeks to strengthen the governance of research, promote best practices, enhance research standards and promote adequate and timely access to knowledge.

    Accreditation of the Cuban Public Resgistry of Clinical Trials (RPCEC) by the World Health Organization.

    The accreditation of the Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials (RPCEC) as a Primary Registry by the WHO constitutes a milestone as the first Primary Registry in the Americas. The RPCEC met specific criteria for content, quality, validity, access, technical capacity, and administrative profiles.

    The registration of all clinical trials of interventions in RPCEC helps to ensure that decisions about health care are made with the available scientific data in order to benefit the scientific community and the general public.

    The RPCEC was developed by the National Coordinating Center of Clinical Trials (CENCEC) and allows for the registration of clinical trials conducted in Cuba and other countries. A link to the video of the launch of RPCEC held on April 5, 2011 in Havana, Cuba by the Cuban Ministry of Health is available.

    Accreditation of the Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry (REBEC) by the World Health Organizarion

    The Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry (REBEC) allows for the registration of clinical trials conducted in Brazil.

    REBEC constitutes the first registry that utilizes an open-source program for the registration of clinical trials (called OpenTrials) developed by PAHO and BIREME in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Health and FIOCRUZ. The program is available to be adapted and used in OpenTrials.

    In their two years of operation in the ICTRP database, the 12 registries currently contributing data to ICTRP have allowed for the attainment of essential information from roughly 130,0000 clinical trial protocols.

    Data from both of these registries can be found the ICTRP portal.

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