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The Health Metrics Network (HMN)

The Health Metrics Network (HMN) was launched in 2005 to help countries and other partners improve global health by strengthening the systems that generate health-related information for evidence-based decision-making

The Health Metrics Network (HMN) was founded on the premise that better health information means better decision-making, leading to better health. The goal of HMN is to increase the availability, quality, value and use of timely and accurate health information by catalyzing the joint funding and development of country health infor­mation systems. It is intended that this goal should be achieved by:

  1. Developing and elaborating upon the harmonized HMN Framework for country health information systems described in this document.
  2. Supporting developing countries in adapting and applying the HMN Framework to improve their health information systems; providing technical support; and acting as a catalyst to secure funding.
  3. Improving the quality, value and use of health information by developing policies and offering incentives to enhance the dissemination and use of such data at local, regional and global levels.

PAHO adopted the HMN framework and assisted LAC countries in assessing their HIS and designing strategic plans for the strengthening HIS by using HMN tools.

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