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Risk and Outbreak Communication

Regional Risk Communication Consultation

(Montevideo, Uruguay / 8 - 9 June 2011)


Participant List 


Introduction to Consultation

Overview IHR and GOARN

Terms of Reference

CDC Rapid Deployment Model

Ministry of Health, Uruguay: Rapid Deployment Model

Risk Communication Training

Risk Communication Training

Risk Communication Training

Training on Virtual Campus

PAHO: Six Years Strengthening Capacities & Developing Skills

Models for Rapid Response Qualification Training

State of IHR Risk Communication Compliance

Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Press Release, PAHO/Uruguay (Spanish only)


    • Bryna Brennan, PAHO/WDC 
    • Cathy Shoemaker, CDC
    • Ines Calderon, PAHO/Peru
    • Jesus Arroyave, Universidad del Norte/Colombia
    • Jose Luis Varela, Ministry of Health/Uruguay 
    • Maritza Labraña, PAHO 
    • Marta Rodriguez, PAHO/Ecuador
    • Roberta Andraghetti, PAHO/WDC
    • Silvia Posada, PAHO/Panama
    • Vilma Gutierrez, PAHO
    • Xinia Bustamante, PAHO/Costa Rica


    • Invitations were extended to Ministry of Health Representatives from each Member State in the Region.


    • Define the steps needed to create a risk communication component among the regional Alert and Response Outbreak partners;
    • Adopt terms of reference for risk communication under the regional network.
    • Assess the status of risk communication capacity in the Region;
    • Agree upon technical partners, including relevant public sectors, NGOs, and the private sector;
    • Define terms of release, focal points, and financial and legal responsibilities.
    • Create a draft paper on the structure of the network.
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