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Mortality data for Health in The Americas 2012

Mortality database, including corrected number of deaths by ill-defined causes of death and underregistration. This database includes deaths from 45 countries of the Americas occurred from 2000 to 2009.  
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Geography Type Country
Geography Name Americas
Time Period 2000 - 2009
Summary Regional mortality database
Dimensions Year, Country, Sex, Age group, Cause of death
Measures Deaths
Suggested citation Regional Mortality database, Regional Health Observatory, Pan American Health Oragnization, 2011
Provider Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)
Source Vital Registration System from PAHO Member States
Keywords Death, corrected deaths, mortality, health in the americas


Silvi J. On the estimation of mortality rates for countries of the Americas. Epidemiological Bulletin Vol 24 No. 4 pp 1-5 December 2003, Pan American Health Organization. Available online (PDF, 816 Kb) 

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