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December 2008 Edition 

World Health Report 2008
Primary Health Care: The Best Cure for Failed Systems

Healthcare costs are rising everywhere, yet people are not getting the care they need. Now more than ever, the answer is reform based on primary health care.

Health systems around the world are failing to meet the needs of the people they are supposed to serve, a failure that is now becoming "a threat to social stability," says the 2008 World Health Report, Primary Health Care: Now More than Ever.

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Quoted at Length
Socorro Gross, PAHO's new assistant director, describes the influences that have shaped her career and her leadership of PAHO's technical cooperation programs. [Read]


48th Directing Council
Top representatives of PAHO member countries recently pledged new health action in areas ranging from diabetes and cervical cancer to blood safety and adolescent health. [Read]

Caribbean Wellness Day
Thousands of men, women, and children in 14 Caribbean countries took part in special events promoting healthier lifestyles, on the first-ever annual Caribbean Wellness Day. [Read]


Crisis points to breastfeeding [Read]
Malaria Day in the Americas [Read]
Region makes progress on HIV [Read]
New Hospital Safety Index [Read]
Newsbriefs [Read]


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Primary Health Care: The Best Cure for Failed Systems
QUOTED AT LENGTH: Dr. Socorro Gross
Singer José José Denounces Violence against Women
PAHO Teams Up with Clinton Global Initiative
Ministers Commit to New Action in Health
Panels Discuss Climate Change, Primary Care
Caribbean Celebrates First Wellness Day
Three "Healthy Cities" Win 2008 Awards
China Infant Formula Crisis Highlights Need to Promote Breastfeeding
Experts: Don't Let Up in the Fight against Malaria
PAHO Joins IDB, Sabin Institute to Fight Neglected Diseases
Region Makes Progress, Faces Challenges on HIV
Countries Raise Awareness on World Rabies Day 2008
New PAHO Tool Measures Hospital Safety
Patient Champions Launch New Advocacy Network
New Vision for PAHO Scientific Journal
Publications on Alcohol

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Full List of Latest News


On World Health Day, soccer star Leonel Messi helps to raise awareness about Chagas’ Disease (04/07/2014)


In a video released for World Health Day, FC Barcelona soccer star Leonel Messi calls for more resources and drugs against Chagas ' disease, a silent disease transmitted by a biting insect that currently infects 6 to 8 million people, mainly in the Americas.

"Small bites can be big threats," experts warn on World Health Day (04/06/2014)


Mosquitoes, ticks, flies and other insects can be far more than a nuisance. The diseases they carry-malaria, dengue, yellow fever, West Nile virus, Lyme disease and many others-can cause serious illness and in some cases death. In the Americas, one out of every two people lives in an area at risk of one or more of these vector-borne diseases.

Half the population of the Americas is at risk of diseases carried by small insects (04/04/2014)

Roughly 50% of people living in the Western Hemisphere are at risk of one or more diseases carried by mosquitoes, ticks, flies and other vectors, including West Nile virus, dengue, malaria and most recently chikungunya. In a “call to action” for World Health Day 2014, top health experts from North and South America and the Caribbean urged greater efforts by governments, communities and individuals to control the spread of these and other vector-borne diseases.

Call to Action: “Step up the fight against vector-borne diseases in the Americas” (03/31/2014)

Water and sanitation improvements remain key to defeating cholera in Haiti and the Dominican Republic (03/21/2014)

Brazil moves towards the elimination of the transmission of Lymphatic Filariasis (03/21/2014)

In the Americas, one in five people with tuberculosis is unaware of the disease (03/21/2014)

PAHO Director Message on World Health Day 2014 (03/18/2014)

Países de las Américas implementarán un protocolo de vigilancia integrada del dengue (03/06/2014)

World TB Day 2014 (03/04/2014)

Update: Human infection with avian influenza A(H5N1) virus (01/10/2014)


Health in the Americas in 2013: PAHO/WHO Reviews the Year's Work (12/31/2013)

Five rules to keep your holiday foods safe (12/23/2013)

PAHO Director thanks international malaria partners at U.S. Capitol (12/12/2013)

Countries of the Americas have reduced malaria deaths by 70% since 2000, but 145 million people in the region remain at risk (12/11/2013)

Malaria is present in 21 countries in the Americas (12/11/2013)

Representatives from the Ministries of Health met to discuss coordination and operational aspects of cholera prevention and control in the Subregion (12/09/2013)

70 years of Bambui, a living story of Chagas Disease (12/05/2013)

La OPS participa en el XI Congreso Centroamericano y del Caribe de Parasitología y Medicina Tropical (In Spanish) (11/27/2013)

Latin America and the Caribbean advance toward universal access to HIV treatment (11/27/2013)

Adolescents falling through gaps in HIV services (11/26/2013)

Reunión Regional ¿Porqué no podemos controlar el Aedes aegypti? Situación Actual y próximos pasos (Spanish only) (11/25/2013)

Improved sanitation in the Americas needed to prevent water- and hygiene-related diseases (11/20/2013)

Projects from Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic are honored as "Malaria Champions of the Americas 2013" (11/07/2013)

PAHO to honor Malaria Champions of the Americas on 7th Annual Malaria Day in the Americas (11/04/2013)

PAHO contest recognizes students for creativity in promoting handwashing in the Americas (11/01/2013)

Experts urge more WATSAN investments to halt cholera in Haiti, prevent its spread to more countries (10/25/2013)

PAHO/WHO Center launches photo contest on healthy and sustainable food in the Americas (10/25/2013)

Panaftosa Launches Photo Contest "Promoting Health in the Americas with healthly, safe and susteinable eating" (10/24/2013)

Gains in tuberculosis control at risk due to 3 million missed patients and drug resistance (10/23/2013)

Malaria in the Americas Forum 2013: Defeating Malaria in the Americas (10/22/2013)

PAHO-USAID Training Program in Tuberculosis: Terms of Reference 2013-2014 (10/18/2013)

Invitation: Discussion for Chagas Disease, “The Silent Killer” (10/16/2013)

Discuten avances sobre enfermedades transmisibles y análisis de salud en las Américas (10/16/2013)

School children in PAHO member countries aim to break record for handwashing (10/15/2013)

Reunión Regional de alineación de la Estrategia de Gestión Integrada para la prevención y control del Dengue de la OPS/OMS (EGI-Dengue) (10/11/2013)

Universal access to eye care could prevent most blindness (10/10/2013)

Taller de revisión de procesos de vigilancia control y eliminación de la transmisión de la enfermedad de Chagas en Santiago de Chile (10/05/2013)

Health leaders set course for Pan American health action and progress toward universal coverage (10/04/2013)

Former Guatemalan president calls for political will to eliminate neglected diseases in the Americas (10/03/2013)

Artist Shelly Xie uses sand and a light box to illustrate Chagas disease and hookworm (10/03/2013)

Health authorities pledge to improve access to health care for LGBT people (10/03/2013)

‘People in the Americas are healthier and stronger’ thanks to Pan American cooperation in health, says PAHO Director (09/30/2013)

Elimination of dog-transmitted human rabies in the Americas by 2015 is within reach, experts say (09/27/2013)

Bringing health care to indigenous communities in the Orinoco and Amazon (09/25/2013)

Reunión regional del proyecto CIDA Canadá / OPS (09/20/2013)

Filiariasis linfática: hacia su eliminación en 2020 (09/05/2013)

OPS/OMS lanza concurso para que escolares de las Américas presenten trabajos creativos que promuevan el lavado de manos (08/23/2013)

Convocatoria para Programa de Pequeños Subsidios busca fortalecer las capacidades de los países la Región de las Américas (08/10/2013)

Colombia is first country in the world to eliminate river blindness (07/29/2013)

An educational video game on dengue (07/26/2013)

Jon Secada and PAHO/WHO team up for hepatitis awareness (07/25/2013)

Invitation to launch of the Viral Hepatitis Global Policy Report in advance of World Hepatitis Day (07/23/2013)

Hepatitis is a silent epidemic that kills two people per minute throughout the world (07/23/2013)

New UNAIDS initiative provides innovative strategies to achieve universal access to HIV treatment (07/17/2013)

¡La prevención del Dengue es tarea de todos! - Pueblo Pitanga: Enemigos Silenciosos (07/12/2013)

Municipios de Colombia alcanzan interrupción de la transmisión vectorial intra domiciliaria de Trypanosoma cruzi, por R.prolixus (07/08/2013)

PAHO director welcomes new Caribbean health agency, CARPHA (07/03/2013)

USAID and World Vision join coalition to eliminate cholera from Haiti and the Dominican Republic (06/28/2013)

Patients with Tuberculosis in the Dominican Republic Need More Social Protection to Offset Expenses, Study Says (06/19/2013)

Dominican Republic strengthens actions to evaluate the lymphatic filariasis transmission in the country (06/18/2013)

“Malaria Champions of the Americas” contest receives nominations until July 5 (06/17/2013)

SaltSmart consortium endorses plan to halve dietary salt consumption in the Americas by 2020 (06/14/2013)

Certification of the Interruption of Vectoral Transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi in Belize (06/12/2013)

Latin American countries gather to work towards the elimination of lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis) (06/12/2013)

Plan Decenal de Salud Pública 2012-2021 de Colombia (06/12/2013)

PAHO welcomes countries’ commitment to eliminate 12 neglected diseases from the Americas by 2015 (06/11/2013)

Hoy 5 de Junio es el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente y se dedica a la promoción de la reducción de los desperdicios alimentarios (06/05/2013)

Tobacco consumption and hypertension increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease (06/05/2013)

Experts meet to enhance synergies for soil-transmitted helminthiases control in the Americas (05/31/2013)

Preventing cervical cancer in Argentina (05/28/2013)

PAHO/WHO urges total bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship in the Americas (05/27/2013)

PAHO deputy director describes health progress in the Americas at OAS (05/22/2013)

Technical Document: Salt Smart Americas (05/16/2013)

Lowering salt intake prevents hypertension and cuts risks of heart attacks and stroke by 25% (05/16/2013)

Honduras expands deworming of children in remote communities during vaccination campaigns (05/12/2013)

PAHO/WHO to support Guyana and Suriname in studies of resistance to artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) (05/10/2013)

Intensifying Integrated Efforts for Control of Soil-Transmitted Helminthiases in the Region of the Americas - Bogotá, Colombia 16 and 17 May 2013 (05/09/2013)

Workshop for Training on Regional Guidance for Implementation of Integrated Deworming Actions - Bogota, Colombia 13-15 May 2013 (05/09/2013)

La República Dominicana realizó Jornada Nacional de Desparasitación integrada a la Semana de Vacunación de las Américas del 2013 (05/01/2013)

NCDs and Development in the PAHO Region: A Think Tank Report to Inform NCD Strategic Planning in the Americas (04/29/2013)

“Malaria Champions of the Americas” contest seeks best practices that integrate other health solutions (04/25/2013)

Décimo Primera Semana de Vacunación en Honduras incluirá campaña de desparasitación en cuatro departamentos del país (04/20/2013)

Honduras inicia campaña de desparasitación contra geohelmintos en cuatro departamentos del país, en el marco de la Semana de la Vacunación (04/20/2013)

Se realiza en Panamá la 40.ª Reunión Ordinaria de la COSALFA (04/19/2013)

Innovative Strategies for Cervical and Breast Cancer Control: a regional meeting to share experiences and lessons learned (04/18/2013)

Presidente del Paraguay lanza campaña de desparasitación nacional (04/17/2013)

PAHO/WHO spreads the word about hypertension during soccer match in Washington, D.C. (04/17/2013)

Se dá apertura al Seminario Internacional sobre fiebre aftosa (04/15/2013)

Experts in leptospirosis meet in Brasilia (04/15/2013)

Curso a distancia de autoaprendizaje de Leishmaniasis en las Américas: diagnóstico y tratamiento (04/14/2013)

Countries have access to affordable medicines for hypertension and other chronic diseases through the PAHO Strategic Fund (04/08/2013)

Experts urge policy changes to reduce the growing burden of hypertension and other chronic conditions (04/05/2013)

Primeros casos documentados de Influenza H7N9 en humanos (04/05/2013)

World Health Day: In the Americas, one in three adults has hypertension, the leading risk factor for death from cardiovascular disease (04/04/2013)

World Health Day 2013: measure your blood pressure, reduce your risk (04/04/2013)

Panaftosa se anticipa en la celebración del Día Mundial de la Salud el 7 de abril (04/03/2013)

World Health Day: Experts to discuss hypertension in the Americas (04/01/2013)

Expertos si reúnen en Taller de análisis del evento de encefalopatía espongiforme bovina (EEB) en Brasil (03/27/2013)

Misión de Evaluación Internacional de la Prevención, Control y Atención de la Enfermedad de Chagas en Argentina (03/26/2013)

Salud y Educación firman acuerdo para ejecutar campaña antiparasitaria nacional (03/25/2013)

PAHO welcomes tobacco ban at 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil (03/25/2013)

Misión de Evaluación de la situación epidemiológica y de control de la enfermedad de Chagas en el Departamento de Alto Paraguay (03/24/2013)

PAHO Director invites you to celebrate World Health Day (03/24/2013)

April 7 2013: World Health Day 2013, Hypertension (03/24/2013)

Entrevista: La Tuberculosis es una enfermedad del pasado muy presente en la región (Only available in Spanish) (03/22/2013)

Ministry of Health of Brazil, started a deworming and leprosy case-finding campaign (03/20/2013)

PAHO/WHO urges stepped-up efforts against TB in vulnerable urban groups in the Americas (03/18/2013)

World TB Day: Experts to discuss TB prevention and control in big cities (03/17/2013)

PANAFTOSA participa de Reunión Binacional Ecuador-Perú sobre Fiebre Aftosa en la región de frontera (03/16/2013)

World Salt Awareness Week: “Less salt, please!” (03/12/2013)

PANAFTOSA apoya simulacro de gripe aviar en la frontera Rivera-Livramento (03/12/2013)

PAHO/WHO Webinar invitation - Less Salt, Please! (03/11/2013)

Today March 8th we celebrate International Women's Day (03/08/2013)

Taller Sub-Regional «Vigilancia Integrada de la Resistencia Antimicrobiana» Comunidad Andina, Lima, Perú (03/07/2013)

“There is no veterinary public health program like this anywhere in the world”, said the Director of PAHO about PANAFTOSA (02/27/2013)

eHealth Experience: Get The Message Campaign in the Caribbean (02/24/2013)

5th International Cancer Control Congress (ICCC5) (02/14/2013)

New multi-sector partnership seeks to reduce cervical and breast cancer in the Americas (02/08/2013)

Equipo Técnico de Panaftosa se encuentran en Paraguay (02/08/2013)

Derribando mitos sobre el cáncer (02/05/2013)

PAHO seeks to prevent breast and cervical cancer, which claim some 120,000 lives each year in the Americas (02/05/2013)

Cuba – Battling cancer with biotechnology (02/03/2013)

World Cancer Day, 4 February 2013 (02/02/2013)

Women’s Cancer Initiative: A joint commitment to save lives (02/01/2013)

Doctora Carissa F. Etienne fue nombrada como nueva Directora Regional para las Américas de la OMS (01/31/2013)

Brazil’s success in rabies control (01/17/2013)

Progress in the fight against neglected infectious diseases in the Americas and the world (01/15/2013)

Situación de la implementación de las actividades de colaboración TB-VIH en las Américas. Resultados de una encuesta en los países de la Región – 2012 (01/14/2013)

New year, new materials: PAHO releases an infographic to continue the fight against Hepatitis in the Americas (01/11/2013)

World Malaria Report 2012 (01/10/2013)

13º International Dengue Course (01/08/2013)


Five rules to keep your holiday foods safe (12/21/2012)

In the Americas, malaria cases have declined nearly 60% since 2000 (12/20/2012)

Special issue of the Pan American Journal of Public Health examines cardiovascular disease prevention through salt reduction (12/14/2012)

Organizing and delivering High Quality Care for Chronic Non-Communicable conditions in the Americas (12/14/2012)

PAHO, World Federation of Sporting Goods discuss joint actions to promote physical activity in the Americas (12/07/2012)

Departamento de Potosí, Bolivia, es certificado por interrupción de la transmisión vectorial de Trypanosoma cruzi (agente de la enfermedad de Chagas) (12/01/2012)

PAHO Deputy Director urges integrated approach to neglected tropical diseases (11/23/2012)

Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association Honors PAHO Manager Marcos Espinal (11/20/2012)

Call for Applications to the Regional Green Light Committee (rGLC) (11/15/2012)

Diabetes Shows Upward Trend in the Americas (11/14/2012)

World Diabetes Day 2012 - Useful Materials (11/13/2012)

In the Americas, tobacco is linked to 7 in 10 deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (11/13/2012)

New International Protocol Adopted to Combat Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products (11/12/2012)

WHO Member States make progress on noncommunicable diseases (11/12/2012)

28th Pan American Sanitary Conference. 64th Session of the Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas (11/09/2012)

PAHO Honors 2012 Malaria Champions of the Americas (11/09/2012)

Cervical Cancer Experts gather to develop new guidelines (11/06/2012)

On 6th Annual Malaria Day in the Americas, PAHO Will Honor Malaria Champions of the Americas (11/05/2012)

USAID triples its financial support for PAHO/WHO project to fight tuberculosis in Latin America and the Caribbean (10/31/2012)

PAHO/WHO Launches Mobile Application that Monitors Student Health in the Americas (10/27/2012)

NCDs problem in the Americas needs collaboration and partnerships between sectors and agencies (10/26/2012)

Fighting NCDs Requires Commitment from All Sectors: With Clear Rules of Engagement including Conflicts of Interest, It Can Be Done (10/21/2012)

The Check-up: Noncommunicable Diseases (10/17/2012)

Reunión Regional de Dirigentes Nacionales de Vigilancia, Prevención y Control de Enfermedades de los países de América Latina y Caribe - IV Reunión de Jefes Nacionales de Epidemiología en las Américas Brasilia, Brasil (In Spanish) (10/16/2012)

Documento de Santiago del Estero. Nuevas orientaciones para consenso en organización y estrategia de la atención de Chagas (10/09/2012)

Evaluación del riesgo cardiovascular a los empleados de la Organización en el día mundial del corazón (In Spanish) (09/29/2012)

World Heart Day: Cardiovascular Diseases Cause 1.9 Million Deaths a Year in the Americas (09/29/2012)

Policy Forum on Active Cities: Transforming Communities for Smart Growth and Health (09/28/2012)

Siete días por la salud (09/28/2012)

World Rabies Day: Rabies cases have declined 95 percent in the Americas since 1980 (09/28/2012)

Don Francisco: Mensaje por la Semana del Bienestar 2012 (09/26/2012)

“Almuerzo saludable” marca nuevo lanzamiento de Semana de Bienestar y cierre de la Conferencia Sanitaria Panamericana (09/21/2012)

Países de las Américas buscan prevenir 3 millones de muertes por enfermedades no transmisibles para 2025 (09/20/2012)

Esperanza de vida en Latinoamérica creció en 45 años en poco más de un siglo (In English) (09/20/2012)

Alrededor de 250 millones de personas de las Américas padecen alguna enfermedad no transmisible (09/18/2012)

Entrevista a la Dra Klinger: La sal y la hipertensión arterial en Las Américas (09/06/2012)

Partnerships are Critical for an Effective Cancer Prevention and Control, Dr. Andrus Says (08/28/2012)

PAHO Calls for Strengthening the Fight Against Hepatitis, a "Silent" Disease that Affects Millions of People in the Americas (07/26/2012)

PAHO events during the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C. (07/19/2012)

Nota de Prensa: Curso Internacional de Intervención Integral de Dengue (07/11/2012)

Argentina: Santiago del Estero Marks Key Milestone in Chagas control in a hyperendemic area (In Spanish) (07/02/2012)

The Region of the Americas is preparing the commemoration of "World Hepatitis Day" (06/24/2012)

Affiliated Independent Event on Viral Hepatitis and HIV Co-Infection in the Program of the International Conference on AIDS (06/20/2012)

Evalúan Plan Nacional para prevenir enfermedades infecciosas desatendidas (In Spanish) (06/20/2012)

The PAHO holds the first Regional Meeting on Viral Hepatitis in Latin America and the Caribbean (06/19/2012)

The Role of eHealth in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity (06/18/2012)

Resultados y conclusiones de un taller en prevención de Chagas en Brasilia (In Spanish) (06/11/2012)

Uruguay is the first country in Latin America free of the insect that transmits Chagas disease (05/24/2012)

Countries of the Americas promote integrated action to eliminate neglected diseases (05/17/2012)

Experts to analyze progress toward elimination of trachoma, the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness (05/11/2012)

News for the STH Control Community. Children Without Worms. Sharing Knowledge and Success Stories (04/26/2012)

Taller Regional de Fortalecimiento de la Gestión de Medicamentos con énfasis en 2da Línea (In Spanish) (04/20/2012)

Guatemala es sede de la segunda reunión regional para la eliminación del tracoma en las Américas (04/18/2012)

Honduras: primer país del Continente con un plan nacional para prevención, atención, control y eliminación de enfermedades infecciosas desatendidas (04/12/2012)

Se realiza el “Taller Para Elaborar la Norma Nacional de la Leishmaniasis” (In Spanish) (03/30/2012)

World Cancer Day: "Together it is possible" (02/03/2012)

Two-thirds of future cancer cases will be in developing countries (02/01/2012)

Press Release: Private and Public Partners Unite to Combat 10 Neglected Tropical Diseases by 2020 (01/30/2012)


Llamado a la acción: La Hispaniola libre del cólera (12/28/2011)

World Malaria Report 2011 (12/15/2011)

Técnicos evaluaron respuesta y desafíos a un año de la epidemia de cólera en República Dominicana (12/07/2011)

Evaluación de terreno en Argentina confirma notables avances en el control de la enfermedad de Chagas (In Spanish) (12/06/2011)

PAHO: To remove the NTDs we must step up not only our Health sector strategies but our Poverty-Reduction Strategies (12/06/2011)

Puerto Rico Presents Pilot Project for the Prevention and Control of Dengue (11/23/2011)

USAID Grants PAHO $5 Million to Improve Health in Latin America and the Caribbean (11/21/2011)

Colombia, el primer país de las Américas que elimina la oncocercosis (11/14/2011)

Diabetes: Disease on the Rise in the Americas (11/14/2011)

PAHO Honors Malaria Champions of the Americas 2011 (11/09/2011)

Countries of the Americas are Taking Action to Reduce Salt Consumption and Save Lives (11/02/2011)

Andrus at APHA: Chronic Diseases Require All-Society Approach (10/31/2011)

Countries of the Americas Adopt Plan to Reduce Malaria and Prevent its Reintroduction (09/29/2011)

Repaso de lo sucedido durante la Cumbre de Naciones Unidas sobre Enfermedades No Transmisibles (09/22/2011)

Caribbean Action to Fight NCDs (09/22/2011)

From the Americas: Success Stories in the Fight against Noncommunicable Diseases (09/22/2011)

UN General Assembly announces historic commitment to fight noncommunicable diseases (09/21/2011)

Presentan estudios que vinculan enfermedades no transmisibles con el género (09/20/2011)

Caribbean Leaders Praised for Early Action on Noncommunicable Diseases (09/19/2011)

Launch of Wellness Week in New York and Cities throughout the Americas (09/16/2011)

AMI/RAVREDA celebró 10 años de lucha contra la malaria en el Amazonas (09/15/2011)

Washington Post Forum Spotlights NCDs (09/15/2011)

Director Adjunto explica estrategia de la OPS para reducir carga de enfermedades no transmisibles en la región (09/14/2011)

Celebrating 10 Years of Collaboration: Looking into the Future Together (09/12/2011)

Honduras confirmó su presencia en la Reunión de Alto Nivel de la ONU sobre las Enfermedades Crónicas no Transmisibles (08/26/2011)

Directora de la OPS: es urgente integrar y potenciar acciones, recursos y alianzas para eliminar las Enfermedades Desatendidas en las Américas (08/18/2011)

PAHO/WHO Warns of Growing Health Toll of Hepatitis (07/27/2011)

Wellness Week to Promote Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (07/19/2011)

Tackling and Eliminating Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) with Common Tools but Innovative Applications of Knowledge is a Moral Imperative (07/11/2011)

Enfrentar el problema de las enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles requiere la acción de múltiples sectores y no sólo la salud (06/16/2011)

Se logra la interrupción de la transmisión de Oncocercosis en un foco de República Bolivariana de Venezuela (06/01/2011)

TDR Wins 2011 Gates Award for Global Health (05/20/2011)

PAHO to Honor Tobacco Control Initiatives in the Americas (05/20/2011)

El control de las enfermedades transmisibles, 19a ed. (05/20/2011)

Únete a la lucha contra las enfermedades no transmisibles (05/19/2011)

Bolivia alcanza un hito clave en la lucha contra la enfermedad de Chagas (05/17/2011)

Noncommunicable diseases are discussed in technical meeting of 64th World Health Assembly (05/16/2011)

En Moscú, los ministros de Salud se comprometen a tomar acciones más fuertes contra las enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles (05/03/2011)

“Malaria Champions of the Americas” Seeks Nominations of Integrated Approaches and Synergies in Efforts against Malaria (04/26/2011)

Haití condecora a la OPS/OMS por labor durante brote de cólera (04/20/2011)

Expertos de la Salud advierten sobre “infecciones incurables” (04/05/2011)

World TB Day: Innovate to Accelerate Progress Toward Tuberculosis Elimination (03/24/2011)

New Caribbean Campaign Uses Cell Phones, Social Media to Fight Chronic Diseases (03/18/2011)

Ministros de Salud de las Américas acuerdan medidas para reducir enfermedades crónicas (03/04/2011)

Organizaciones de la sociedad civil de Latinoamérica conforman coalición para reducir las enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles (03/03/2011)

Women and Men Face Different Chronic Disease Risks (02/28/2011)

Some Neglected Diseases Could be Eliminated in the Americas, PAHO Paper Says (02/19/2011)

PAHO Director: Reducing Poverty is Key to Face Neglected Diseases (02/10/2011)

Physical activity can help reduce risk of some cancers (02/03/2011)

Response to Cholera in Belle Fontaine, Haiti (01/28/2011)

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Key to Control Cholera Epidemic in Haiti (01/10/2011)

12th International Dengue Course (8-19 August 2011) (01/05/2011)


Experts to Discuss Cholera Vaccination in the Americas (12/15/2010)

Rhodnius prolixus en Centroamérica, un peligroso vector de la enfermedad de Chagas que deja de serlo (12/12/2010)

WHO: New Quick Test a Milestone for Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Care (12/08/2010)

Se prepara Plan de Contingencia ante la amenaza de un posible brote de Cólera en Guatemala (12/03/2010)

Guidelines Improve Access of Health Workers to HIV and TB Services (12/03/2010)

Cases Continue to Climb, But Fewer Patients are Dying from Cholera (12/02/2010)

National Day of Education and Prevention of Cholera in the Dominican Republic (12/01/2010)

Aedes Aaegypti: medidas para el control del vector (11/29/2010)

Elections Not Expected to Increase Cholera Spread in Haiti (11/25/2010)

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti - Press Briefing by Dr. Jon Andrus, PAHO Deputy Director, 23 November 2010 (11/23/2010)

Experts Set Priorities for Battling Chronic Diseases in the Americas (11/16/2010)

International Agencies Propose Joint Strategy to Fight Cholera in Haiti (11/16/2010)

PAHO Press Briefing on the Cholera Outbreak in Haiti, Tuesday, 16 November 2010 (11/15/2010)

PAHO Briefs NGO Partners on Cholera Outbreak in Haiti (11/15/2010)

Press Briefing on Cholera Outbreak in Haiti by Dr. Jon Andrus November 9 (11/09/2010)

Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic Likely to Grow Much Larger (11/09/2010)

PAHO Names "Malaria Champions of the Americas 2010" (11/04/2010)

Number of Cholera Cases and Deaths Still Rising in Haiti (11/02/2010)

CDC: Cholera Outbreak Strain Identified (11/01/2010)

PAHO Celebrates Fourth Annual “Malaria Day in the Americas," Recognizes “Malaria Champions" (10/29/2010)

PAHO’s Deputy Director Updates OAS’ Group of Friends of Haiti on Outbreak Situation (10/28/2010)

PAHO Position on Cholera Vaccination in Haiti (10/28/2010)

PAHO: Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic Still Trending Upward (10/27/2010)

Press briefing on the cholera outbreak in Haiti by Dr. Jon Andrus, 27 October 2010 (10/27/2010)

PAHO: Cholera cases likely to increase in Haiti (10/25/2010)

PAHO Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Haiti (10/22/2010)

Along U.S. – Mexico Border, Diabetes Cases Are the “Tip of the Iceberg” (10/21/2010)

Salt reduction meeting in Calgary (10/18/2010)

Enfermedades crónicas, el peor asesino (10/18/2010)

Health Leaders Endorse Major Effort to Fight Chronic Malnutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean (09/30/2010)

Health Leaders Vow to Resist Tobacco Industry Pressure and Support Efforts to Reduce Tobacco Use (09/29/2010)

PAHO Launches Regional Health Observatory (09/27/2010)

Moquegua logró interrumpir transmisión de milenaria enfermedad de chagas en su región (09/20/2010)

Taller analizó el impacto de la vacuna contra la influenza pandémica (09/15/2010)

Se realizará certificación de la eliminación de la transmisión vectorial de la enfermedad de Chagas en la región Moquegua - Perú (09/14/2010)

WHO Declares H1N1 Pandemic Over, Urges Continued Influenza Vigilance (08/10/2010)

Expertos en resistencia a los antimaláricos se reúnen en Panamá (07/14/2010)

Restrictions Urged on Cigarette Makers’ Efforts to Lure Women into Smoking Addiction (06/02/2010)

Facts and Myths about the Safety of the Pandemic Influenza (H1N1) 2009 Vaccine (05/26/2010)

Women Are the Focus of World No Tobacco Day 2010 (05/25/2010)

Malaria Burden More than Halved in the Americas (04/22/2010)

Prevention of Blindness and Eye Care (03/30/2010)

PAHO Cites TB Progress, Honors Innovation on World TB Day (03/15/2010)

Spain Donates Four Million Doses of Influenza A Vaccines to Latin American Countries (03/04/2010)

Nicaragua: Lista para recibir y aplicar la vacuna contra la Influenza AH1N1 en grupos priorizados (02/24/2010)

World Rabies Day: 28 September (02/16/2010)

Collective Efforts Can Prevent Cancer and Chronic Disease Explosion in the Americas (01/31/2010)


PAHO Recognizes "Winning Global Health Solutions" (12/15/2009)

Jóvenes de los Ecoclubes difunden mensajes de prevención frente a la pandemia de influenza H1N1 (12/14/2009)

36 Million People With TB Cured Using the Stop TB Strategy (12/07/2009)

Actualización: Disponibilidad de la Vacuna de Influenza Pandémica para las Américas (12/06/2009)

PAHO/WHO launches private-public partnership to promote healthy lifestyles, reduce chronic diseases (12/01/2009)

PAHO and Canada Target Communicable Diseases in South America (11/19/2009)

Health Experts Call on Industry, Consumers to Cut Salt to Save Lives (11/16/2009)

WHO Says Prompt Treatment Can Prevent Serious Cases, Deaths from H1N1 (11/12/2009)

PAHO Honors "Malaria Champions of the Americas 2009" (11/11/2009)

Preparing Communities to Respond to Pandemic Influenza (11/03/2009)

PAHO, CDC to Offer Workshop on Organizing 'Ciclovias' (10/22/2009)

Health Ministers Set Ambitious Agenda for the Americas (10/02/2009)

Autoridades de Salud alertan sobre brote severo de dengue en Nicaragua (10/02/2009)

PAHO Unveils Two Communities of Practice on Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 (09/21/2009)

Ministers Set Priorities for Health in the Americas (09/19/2009)

PAHO Experts Recommend Lowering Salt Consumption to Save Lives (09/12/2009)

Countries of the Americas Examine Response to Pandemic H1N1 2009 and Challenges Ahead (09/11/2009)

Países de las Américas se organizan para adquirir la vacuna de la gripe pandémica (09/10/2009)

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in the Americas: What's Next? (09/02/2009)

Caribbean Countries Celebrate Healthy Lifestyles (09/01/2009)

PAHO, World Economic Forum Spearhead Development of New Partnership for Healthy Living (07/23/2009)

Chile's President Urges a Collective Response to A (H1N1) Pandemic (06/24/2009)

PAHO, PAHEF, and The George Washington University launch the Malaria Champions of the Americas Award (06/16/2009)

Blood "from the heart" is the safest blood (06/12/2009)

XI International Dengue Course (Havana, Cuba, 10-21 August 2009) (04/01/2009)

PAHO Rallies New Partners for Chronic Disease Prevention (03/27/2009)

Ministers Commit to New Action in Health (02/02/2009)


PAHO, IDB and Sabin refine fight against neglected diseases in Latin America and Caribbean (12/17/2008)

Diabetes: PAHO urges fight against obesity and malnutrition (11/13/2008)

Malaria in the Americas: No Time to Ease Up (11/06/2008)

Number of People with Diabetes Expected to Increase by 150 Percent in the Americas (10/06/2008)

Countries Pledge New Action to Reduce Cervical Cancer Deaths (10/03/2008)

Better Screening, Treatment, and Affordable Vaccines Can Prevent Doubling of Cervical Cancer Deaths (05/29/2008)

Nutrition Experts Call on Food Industry to Support "Trans Fat Free Americas" (03/26/2008)

World Cancer Day 2008: I love my smoke-free childhood (02/14/2008)

An Achievable Dream: Eliminating some Diseases from the Region (02/01/2008)

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