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TransMilenio Thanks PAHO for Honorable Mention among Best Practices in Urban Planning and Health

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Colombia received a letter of thanks from TransMilenio, Bogota's public transportation system, for the honorable mention it received during the First Hispanic-American and Inter-American Contest for Best Practices in Urban Planning and Health. Held in 2010, the contest was part of celebrations of World Health Day, which focused on urbanism and healthy living.

TransMilenio General Manager Jairo Fernando Páez Mendieta noted in the letter to PAHO/WHO Representative Ana Cristina Nogueira that the honorable mention encouraged “commitment and responsibility toward the environment” on the part of the capital city’s mass transport system.

“Throughout its 10 years of operation, the TransMilenio system has promoted urban health among Bogota’s citizens through programs aimed at reducing environmental pollution,” said Páez. He said TransMilenio was the first mass transport project to use a methodology for reducing greenhouse gases that was approved and registered by the United Nations under the Kyoto Protocol.

The 2010 best practices contest sought to highlight projects and initiatives that contribute to urban health in cities throughout the Americas.

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