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  1. There is no circulation of wild polioviruses in any country of the Americas;
  2. The last wild poliovirus that was isolated in the American Region was in Peru in 1991;
  3. In April 2011, Peru reported a paralytic polio case caused by a Sabin-derived virus;
  4. Active search, specimens collected, and vaccination campaigns in the community were conducted in response to this case;
  5. No evidence of circulation of that virus was found;

PAHO restates its recommendations on strengthening the Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) surveillance system and the evaluation of its indicators at national and sub-national level, and on the identification of high-risk districts and on the appropriate measures to protect the community. The risk of reintroduction of wild polioviruses to the countries of the American Region remains high as long as there is circulation of wild viruses in the world. Just last month the virus was reintroduced into China from Pakistan.


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