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Celebrating 10 Years of Collaboration: Looking into the Future Together

On Thursday, September 15, 2011, USAID Amazon Malaria Initiative (AMI), and Amazon Network for the Surveillance of Antimalarial Drug Resistance (RAVREDA) will commemorate 10 years of successes and lessons learned in the prevention and treatment of malaria in the Amazon Basin.  

The event’s goal 

The event’s goal is to present breakthroughs in the regional fight against malaria and call for a sustainable roadmap to control and eventually eliminate this disease. The participants will reflect on the collaboration between USAID AMI and RAVREDA PAHO over the last decade and its positive impact on malaria control in the Amazon. They will also examine ways to align resources and coordinate investments in malaria control efforts in the Americas. 

Invited speakers

Invited Speakers include Susan Thollaug, Health Team Leader, LAC Bureau, USAID; Rear Admiral, (U.S. Navy Retired) Timothy Ziemer, US Global Malaria Coordinator, President’s Malaria Initiative; Dr. Mirta Roses, Director, PAHO; and Dr. Ana Carolina Santelli, Director Malaria Control Program, Brazil, among others.

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