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Pan American Journal of Public Health: Special Issue on International Health

Washington, D.C., 13 September 2011 (PAHO/WHO)—The Pan American Journal of Public Health published a special issue on 9 September devoted to international health, in support of one of PAHO's priority lines of action geared to strengthening national and subregional health systems.

“The publication of these articles, which describe experiences aimed at promoting greater interaction between countries to help improve the health of the population, is intended to encourage discussion on the scope and limitations of international health vis-à-vis the current situation of the countries of the Region,” stated the editorial “International public health: between old and new paradigms.”

For example, the article “Pan American Health Organization and international health: a history of training, conceptualization, and collective development” reviews the history of the educational program for professionals in international health. The issue also includes references to more recent initiatives, as in the article “Salud internacional y nuevas formas de asociación: el Diálogo Multipartito y el Foro de Socios” [International health and new forms of association: the Multipartite Dialogue and the Partners Forum].

Another article, “El terremoto de 2010 en Chile: respuesta del sistema de salud y de la cooperación internacional” [The 2010 earthquake in Chile: the response of the health system and international cooperation] examines international assistance after a disaster. “El financiamiento internacional para la cooperación al desarrollo de la salud de América Latina y el Caribe”  [International financing for cooperation to develop health in Latin America and the Caribbean] evaluates such international assistance for health development in countries of the Region].

This special issue also examines topics such as the limitations on a country's efforts due to legal constraints, particularly at borders, as explained in “Armonización de la vigilancia sanitaria interfronteriza: una propuesta vinculante en salud internacional” [An international health proposal to harmonize cross-border health surveillance], and the perspective of actors involved in technical cooperation is presented in the article “Cooperación técnica en salud entre Colombia y sus países fronterizos” [Technical cooperation for health between Colombia and bordering countries].

Also addressed in the issue is the topic of health-policy decision-making in relation to economic decision-making in “Medicamentos de alto costo: análisis y propuestas para los países del Mercosur” [Costly drugs: analysis and proposals for the Mercosur countries] and in the note entitled “Agenda regional da saúde no Mercosul: arquitetura e temas” [Mercosur’s regional health agenda: architecture and themes].

Other articles in this special issue include: “La migración de médicos en Venezuela “[The emigration of physicians in Venezuela] and “Remaking international health: refreshing perspectives from Latin America.”  


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