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Dear Colleagues,

As we move to introduce a growing number of vaccines in low and middle income countries, we need to ensure that the systems trusted with delivering them are ready for the task.

Over the past year a group of partners and stakeholders has been working to develop a vision for immunization supply systems for 2020.

A key part of this work was a landscape analysis of efforts ongoing to strengthen immunization logistics and supply systems, and an assessment of the gaps that need to be addressed to move from the efforts underway to achieving this vision.

A first step in finding innovative solutions for some of these gaps has been launched by the Gates Foundation's Grand Challenges Explorations program, offering grants of $100,000 to promising 2 page proposals that address a selection of the gaps.

This year, the initiative offers scientists, inventors, non-governmental organizations, ministries of health and entrepreneurs from around the world the opportunity to acquire US$100 000 grants to pursue unconventional ideas that could transform immunization supply systems in low and middle income countries.

Proposals are being sought in the following priority areas:

  1. Vaccine characteristic prioritization;
  2. Immunization supply system design;
  3. Environmental impact;
  4. Information systems;
  5. Human resources; and
  6. Vaccination acceptance.

Projects showing success will have the opportunity to receive additional funding up to US$1 million.

For more information, or to apply visit:


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