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WHO FIC Education and Implementation Committee

The purpose of Education and Implementation Committee is to assist and advise WHO and the WHO-FIC Network in implementing the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) and improving the level and quality of their use in Member States. Track implementation of the classifications and develop implementation, education, training and certification strategies for the WHO-FIC, identifying best training and implementation practices and providing a network for sharing expertise and experience on training and implementation. The first priority will be for the reference classifications, ICD and ICF.


:: ICD Info sheet [pdf, 33Kb]
:: ICF Info sheet [pdf, 75Kb]
:: Training and Certification Info sheet [pdf, 30Kb]
:: Mortality Data Info sheet [pdf, 30Kb]
:: Clinical Documentation Info sheet [pdf, 25Kb]
:: Use of coded clinical data Info sheet [pdf, 24Kb]
:: Civil Registration Vital Statistics Info sheet [pdf, 50Kb]


:: Core Curricula for Training ICD-10 Coders [pdf, 68Kb]
:: Curriculum Modules for ICF [pdf, 50Kb] 

For further information visit WHO FIC Education and Implementation Committee web site 


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