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Salud masculina, VIH y diversidad sexual

The Pan American Health Organization Caribbean HIV Office has developed a training curriculum on Men’s Health, HIV and Sexual Diversity. This training package was developed to enhance the capacity of health-care providers and decision makers to provide competent and non-discriminatory HIV/STI services for men, including the sexually diverse men.

The training curriculum seeks to promote a comprehensive approach to service delivery that encourages and accommodates male health issues, including the sexual diverse men.

The Training Curriculum:

  • Follows a public health approach to service provision for men and the sexually diverse populations;
  • Uses a culturally knowledgeable and human rights based approach to addressing personal value systems which promote stigma and discrimination and increase vulnerability to HIV and AIDS;
  • Promotes equality, dignity and justice for all;
  • Builds on the understanding that the HIV epidemic is socially determined and several factors impact vulnerability and risk including, socio-economic status, ethnicity, health literacy level and gender.

The training curriculum covers major sexual behaviors and psychosocial factors that increase men’s vulnerability to HIV/STIs. It emphasizes human sexuality, sexual diversity, sexual health issues and strategies to enhance HIV/STI health services for men in the context of various sexual behaviors and identities in the Caribbean.

Link to agenda of session 3: HIV Drug Resistance Prevention and Monitoring

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