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To share and disseminate strategic public health information from the Director's official activities within PAHO and between PAHO health policy decision makers, managers, professionals and general staff; between PAHO's Member States and their Ministries of Health; between the United Nations' Regional Directors for Latin America (LAC); between WHO Director-General and Assistants of the Director-General (ADGs); and with key partners in the Region; to promote and work for PAHO leadership as a public health authority in the Americas. To report on a timely basis about the Director relevant and official's activities; delivering to our managers, professionals and decision-makers, the lines of strategic action, guidelines, processes and background documents from the main events in public health in the region with the participation of high level health authorities in what is involved PAHO as part of the World Health Organization and the United Nations System.



The Newsletter includes Director's Statements as well as News and Releases from the Director's official activities related to the Director's official calendar and agenda; which include speeches, presentations, regional and global events, articles, signning of agreements between PAHO and other partner institutions or agencies, Blog's articles, media publication, video, press conference, interviews, country's official visits as well as health issues in focus in the region and information about the celebration of health anniversary days through the year.


The Director's Newsletter was launched in March 2006 to contribute and strengthening the institutional strategy of supporting the production of relevant knowledge for public health, which includes: promotion of equitable access of knowledge and information for decision-making.

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