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Technical Advisory Group of the Pan American Health Organization on Gender Equality in Health

Washington, D.C. Feb 16, 2012 (PAHO/WHO). The Technical Advisory Group of the Pan American Health Organization meets today and tomorrow to discuss the monitoring report on the Implementation of the Plan of Action 2009-2014 of the Gender Equality Policy. The monitoring report will be consulted with other partners and will be presented to the Executive Committee of the Directing Council in June, and to the ministers of health of all Member States during the Directing Council.  The report on the advances in mainstreaming gender equality in PAHO and its Member States is a legacy to PAHO’s first woman director, Dr. Roses.

The Gender Equality in Health Technical Advisory Group of PAHO, also known as the TAG, advises the Director and the Office of Gender, Cultural Diversity and Human Rights on topics related to the objectives, strategies and mechanisms for the effective implementation of the Policy on Gender Equality adopted by the Board of Directors (2005). The TAG supported PAHO in the development of a Plan of Action for the Implementation of the Policy, as well as its mainstreaming framework. The TAG favors as well as promotes dialogue on policies among stakeholders and key agencies involved in initiatives aimed at achieving the goals of gender equality in health and development.

The TAG was formed in 2007 and is comprised of experts on issues relating to gender, equity, women and health. As needed, the TAG can invite professionals whose expertise can contribute to addressing gender and health concerns that are considered important and/or special. The Office of Gender, Diversity and Human Rights (GDR) acts as the secretariat of the TAG.

The present composition of the TAG is as follows:

  • Co-President, Gita Sen, Member of the WHO Social Determinants Commission.
  • Co-President, Carmen Barroso, Independent Expert Review Group, Global Strategy for Women and Children’s Health.
  • Three representatives of the Member States of the PAHO Executive Committee (El Salvador, the United States of America, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines), the United Nations (UN Women, UNFPA, ECLAC) and civil society organizations.
    GDR also invites other Member States and NGOs as observers.

For a copy of the Monitorig Report for 2009-2011 please click here.

PAHO Gender Equality Policy        Plan of Action for Implementing the Gender Equality Policy


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