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World Health Day 2012 is dedicated to Healthy Aging, an important issue that resonates in our society’s current demographic transition.

Efforts surrounding World Health Day 2012 seek to raise awareness of not only the challenges that accompany an aging population, but also the opportunities that can be had. World Healthy day events also are intended to build commitment to policies, programs and social movements that facilitate healthy longevity.

Message from Dr. Mirta Roses Periago


Aging in the Americas

By 2020 the Americas will have 200 million older people, almost double that of 2006 and with more than half living in Latin America and the Caribbean. The increase in life expectancy and consequent growth in the older population has brought about a health transition characterized by a rise in non-communicable disease and disability and a wider demand for healthcare.

The next 40 years, when population trends will tend to lean with economic growth, is a window of opportunity to prepare for the aging population.

Symposium for World Health Day on Healthy Aging

The recording of the symposium and panel discussion held on April 12, 2012, can be found here

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