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Meeting documents:

  1. Art for Research at the XIX Cocharene Colloquium
  2. Brasil Piripiri experience 2011
  3. PAHO Iberoamerican Cochrane Network Award
  4. Prospective registration and results disclosure of clinical trials in the Americas: a roadmap toward transparency
  5. Preliminary Report: Reasons why research proposals are not granted PAHOERC approval
  6. Template for Summary of Activities in Support of the Implementation of PAHO Policy on Research for Health
  7. Reunión de la red inter-regional de centros de referencia para capacitación en cursos de planeación y evaluación efectivas de proyectos de investigación para la salud, Cali, Colombia, abril 2010 (only in Spanish) 
  8. Improving the quality of randomized trials reports: a collaboration between authors, reviewers and editors (only in Spanish)
  9. New alliance between the Panamerican Health Organization and the EQUATOR Network to improve writing and publication of articles on health outcomes research (only in Spanish)
  10. Redes de Relacionamiento Estratégico de la OPS/OMS: conceptos y lecciones aprendidas (only in Spanish) 
  11. Poster final Arte para la investigación, Barcelona, España (only in Spanish) 
  12. World Health Report 2012: Research for Health

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