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 Integrated Disease Management - Diabetes - Guides

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Scientific and Technical Materials: Integrated Disease Management


Integrated Disease Management - Cancer - Factsheets

  • WHO/UICC. Global Action Against Cancer, 2005 Our knowledge about the prevention and treatment of cancer is increasing, yet the number of new cases grows every year. If the trend continues, 16 million people will discover they have cancer in 2020, two-thirds of them in newly-industrialized and developing countries.

  • PAHO. FactSheet: Cancer in the Region of the Americas, 2012Cancer is a leading cause of death in the Americas. In 2012, cancer accounted for 1.3 million deaths. About 47% of the cancer deaths occurred in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Cardiovascular Diseases

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Integrated Disease Management - Diabetes - Guides

Integrated Disease Management - Diabetes - Strategies

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