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Latest issue: icon Vol. 4, No. 7–8, 2010


  • Message from the editor
  • Regional Advances
    o Andean countries assess progress, set priorities for CNCD prevention and control in  2010-11
    o Advances in cervical cancer prevention in Latin America 4-5
    o Second subregional meeting of the Partners Forum on chronic diseases
    o PAHO and global leaders discuss how to improve breast health in low- and middle-income countries.
    o International community on HPV and cervical cancer discuss current scientific advances.

  • Country Achievements
    o Honduras: Initiative to synergize health sector activities in the prevention and control of chronic diseases
    o Panama launches palliative care program
    o International partners endorse new Caribbean Public Health Agency
    o Obesity rise linked to disability increase among elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean
    o Canada presents its new sodium reduction strategy

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    About the Newsletter

    The newsletter began in January 2007. The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to promote the Regional Strategy on an Integrated Approach to the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases; to share developments on all aspects of the strategy and its four lines of action as well as news on program implementation.

    Scope of the Newsletter

    The newsletter can include items of interest in the following areas related to chronic disease surveillance, prevention, and management, including their risk factors:

    • National, subregional or regional events or developments in chronic disease and risk-factor prevention and control.
    • Country activities (please cite source and/or links if it is from a national agency; also, country news must be authorized by the corresponding Ministry or NGO):
      • New surveillance findings, analyses, studies, trends.
      • Prevention initiatives and campaigns.
      • Policy developments in health or broader healthy public policies of relevance.
      • Launch of strategies or plans.
    • New Partnerships or grants.
    • Major workshops or training events.
    • New information resources or links.

      Past Issues: 2010 (Vol. 4) | 2009 (Vol. 3) | 2007-2008 (Vols. 1–2)

      2010 (Vol. 4)

        • April 2010: Spotlight: Progress in Central America & Dominican Republic; Technical Committee, Chronic Diseases & Cancer; Partners Forum Concept Introduced in Panama; Panama to Host Regional Meeting with PAHO & PATH for Cervical Cancer Managers; CIIPEC—INCAP’s Comprehensive Center for Chronic Diseases in Mesoamerica & Dominican Republic: World Physical Activity Day; Physical Activity & Public Health Courses; Nutritional & Population Sciences Doctoral Program; Workshop: Population Health & Nutrition Program Evaluation; Workshop on Epidemiological Research; Researchers Training Program; CIIPEC Presents at New Delhi Meeting; Chronic Diseases No Longer Diseases of the Rich: Myths and Facts about Chronic Disease; Support a UNGASS on CNCDs; New IOM Reports; PAHEF Calls for Nominations, New Award
        • March 2010: Special Issue: Update on the Partners’ Forum: Developing the Partners’ Forum Infrastructure; Building Internal and External Capacity to Partner; Looking Ahead of the Partners’ Forum; Partners’ Forum Committment to Action; Healthy Workplaces Event on 22 April
        • January-February 2010: Solidarity with Earthquake Victims in Haiti and Chile; Message from the Editor; Regional Progress: Cancer: Cervical Cancer Prevention Featured at Regional Symposium on New Vaccines; PAHO Partnership Helps Establish New Center in Paraguay for Treating Women with Cervical Pre-Cancer; WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control, Nancy Brinker, Visits PAHO; Progress in the Countries: WHO Report Shows Progress on Tobacco Control in the Americas; CARICOM UN Briefing on CNCDs; New Book: Mental Health in the Community (2nd ed.).

      2009 (Vol. 3)

        • September-December 2009: Spotlight: PAHO Launches Partners' Forum to Promote Healthy Lifestyles, Reduce Chronic Disease; US-Mexico Border Forum; Announcements & Events: New PAHO CNCD Websites on CVDs and Salt Reduction, CNCD Surveillance; CARMEN Meeting Documentation Online; World Diabetes Day; World Heart Day; Course on Evidence-Based Public Health; News Roundup.
        • August 2009: Spotlight: Special Events: Caribbean Countries Celebrate Caribbean Wellness Day 2009; AMNET Surveillance Meeting; 2009 CARMEN Biennial Meeting; Course on Evidence-Based Public Health; Announcements; PAHO CNCD Homepage in Spanish; New Bilingual CARMEN Page; News Roundup.
        • July 2009:  Regional & Global Action: UICC, IDF, WHF Call for Putting Chronic Diseases on the UN MDGs Agenda. Follow-Up: Course on Evidence-Based Chronic Illness Care. Spotlight: Cancer: 2009 International Cancer Control Congress (ICCC). Overview of Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Prevention in the Americas. Progress in the Countries. Chronic Disease in Emerging Countries: Report from Capitol Hill Upcoming Events: Caribbean Wellness Day. AMNET Meeting on CNCD Surveillance. Information Resources: New Book on Alcohol and Partner Violence. News Roundup
        • June 2009: Regional Action: Partners’ Forum: PAHO, PAHEF, Global Business Forum Meet; Course on Evidence-Based Chronic Illness Care; Progress in the Countries: CARIDIAB Caribbean Diabetes Project; VIGITEL-Brazil: RF Surveillance by Phone; National Hispanic Cardiology Leadership Network; Information Resources; New Ciclovías Brochure; New PAHO CNCD Homepage; News Roundup
        • April 2009: Spotlight on Cancer: HPV Vaccine: Intervention in Adolescents; IARC Study on HPV Testing in Low-Resource Settings; WHO Position Paper on HPV Vaccines Just Released; WHO/PAHO Cryotherapy Guidelines; Call for Abstracts: International Cancer Control Congress; News Roundup.
        •  March 2009: Regional Action: Partners' Forum; Progress in the Countries: Suriname: Activities to Fight CNCDs; First Lady of Honduras Speaks out against Obesity; Announcements: International Cancer Control Congress; More on Salt; PAHEF Grants; News Roundup.
        • February 2009: Editorial: 2008 Review, 2009 Priorities; Highlights: Central America, Dominican Republic Take up the CNCD Gauntlet; XXIV RESSCAD Tackles Chronic Disease; CNCDs on the Health Agenda; World Cancer Day 2009; Announcements: Salt Meeting Documentation Online; News Roundup.
        • January 2009: Learning from the Past, Moving towards a Better Future: Cancer: Highlights for 2008, Priorities for 2009; Regional Action: Experts Say Lowering Salt Consumption Should be a Top Public Health Priority; Progress in the Countries: Healthy Caribbean: Bridgetown Declaration; Announcements: Translation of WHO STEPS Stroke Surveillance Manual; New WHO Website on Marketing Foods and Beverages to Children; PAHEF Project Provides Evidence That Alcohol Control Reduces Violence against Women; Did you know? Global School Health Survey; News Roundup.
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