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PAHO, through its Research Team, has been appointed as a member of the Advisory Board of the European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean. The first meeting of the Board was held in Rio de Janeiro where the next RIMAIS Network and Network CYTED also met. These meetings oriented around harmonizing the policies of research of the region with those of the European Union, promoting cooperation in research between Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union, and developing a road map for the normative entities in order to promote the policies on research for health, strengthen the ¨governance¨ of research, and promote the knowledge translation. The Seventh Program of Work of the European Union sponsored these high-level meetings that were carried out in Brazil from March 19-23.

What's New

Who We Are

Our objectives, mission and vision

Why Invest in Research for Health?

A series of case studies examining the benefits of investment in research for health.


Framework & Mandates

Policy on Research for Health
The 49th Directing Council approved PAHO’s Regional Policy on Research for Health which offers a strategic approach to strengthen research governance and knowledge translation.

PAHO Advisory Committee on Health Research (ACHR)

Art for Research

Images that illustrate how research has quietly but consistently contributed to development.


PAHO/WHO Research Focal Points

PAHO has in-country representation throughout the region. Use the map provided to find the contact information for each PAHO focal point.


To read about internship opportunities in research at different PAHO entities, read testimonials from former interns, or apply, visit our internship section.

Contact us: in PAHO/HQ:; in the countries: list of focal points

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