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Cardiovascular Diseases


Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) mortality by subgroups of causes

CVD are the leading causes of deaths and disabilities in the World. In the Region of the Americas, occurred around 1,6 millions of deaths due to CVDs (30% of all deaths). A large proportion of CVDs is preventable, so knowing the the mortality burden by causes of deaths is possible to identify health interventions and prioritize accions. 

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1,6 million
CVD accounts for almost 1,6 millions deaths in the Region of the Americas

Leading causes of deaths

of CDV deaths occurred prematurely, among ages 30 - 69 years old

Premature deaths due to NCD 


Information products on Cardiovascular Diseases.

ImageCardiovascular diseases. Situation and trend

ImageCardiovascular diseases, burden of mortality by Income

ImageCerebrovascular diseases. Premature mortality

Key Publications

ImagePriorities for cardiovascular health in the Americas.
Key messages for decision makers

ImageGlobal Atlas on cardiovascular disease prevention and control


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