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Monitoring Regional Targets for the Prevention and Control of NCDs


Tool for monitoring targets for NCDs

This is a tool for monitoring targets of NCDs in the Region of the Americas.

The tool is based on the comprehensive monitoring framework and targets for the prevention and control of NCDs

:: Indicators and targets    

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Deaths due to NCDs

1.3 million
deaths due to NCDs among people aged 30-69 years, 36% of all NCDs deaths. 

Avoidable mortality by Diabetes

Premature mortailty due to NCDs.

decrease of NCDs age-adjusted mortality rates in the Americas from 2000 to 2007.

Leading causes of death in the Americas 

The strategy for the prevention and control of NCDs has three key components: surveillance, prevention, and health care. Surveillance aims to monitor NCDs and to analyze their social, economic, behavioural and political determinats in order to provide guidance for policy, legistative and finantial measures. 


ImageTrend analysis
in premature mortality due to NCDs in the Americas

ImageCardiovascular diseases
Situation and trend


Common, preventable risk factors underlie most noncommunicable diseases. Most noncommunicable diseases are the result of four particular behaviours (tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, and the harmful use of alcohol) that lead to four key metabolic/physiological changes (raised blood pressure, overweight/obesity, raised blood glucose and raised cholesterol).


Health System response

Surveillance for NCDs should cover monitoring of risk factors, health outcomes (mortality and morbidity) and system capacity. Significant progress has been made over the past ten years on risk factor surveillance, including population-based data on the behavioural (harmful use of alcohol, unhealthy diet, insufficient physical activity and tobacco use) and biological risk factors (raised blood glucose, raised blood pressure, abnormal blood lipids and overweight/obesity). 

Risk factors & Cancer Registry


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