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BAt CARMEN meeting, health experts discuss action on non-communicable diseasesrasilia, 7 May 2012 — Health authorities, academicians, and civil society representatives from throughout the Americas are gathered in Brasilia this week for a meeting of the CARMEN network, with the aim of exchanging experiences and discussing joint action to fight non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the Region.

Participants include managers of non-communicable disease programs from 36 countries as well as representatives of 15 collaborating institutions in academia and civil society. Discussions will focus on how to translate the Declaration of the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (held in September 2011) into policies, programs and concrete actions.

Three out of four deaths in the Americas are attributable to non-communicable diseases, and the number of NCD deaths in the Region is expected to increase by 40 percent by 2030, if current trends continue.

The CARMEN (Collaborative Action for Risk Factor Prevention & Effective Management of NCDs) network is an initiative of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) that was launched in 1997 to improve the health of people in the Americas by reducing risk factors associated with NCDs. The network brings together different sectors to share experiences and to coordinate activities for the development, implementation and evaluation of policies, social mobilization and community interventions, as well as to promote epidemiological surveillance of risk factors for NCDs and prevention services.

This year’s meeting was organized by PAHO/WHO with the support of the Ministry of Health of Brazil and the World Diabetes Foundation. Speakers include Vice-Minister of Health of Brazil Dr. Jarbas Barbosa and former PAHO Director Sir George Alleyne.

CARMEN network members will also discuss a proposal for a regional strategy and plan of action against non-communicable diseases, which will be presented to the Pan American Sanitary Conference in September 2012.

The CARMEN meeting provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and build cooperation between the countries of the Americas and partner organizations to reduce the burden of chronic diseases, their risk factors, and basic determinants. Participants will also discuss progress, opportunities and challenges for advancing policies and programs related to NCDs in the Americas.

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